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Posted: 1/5/2003 3:12:07 PM EDT
Reading the post about the member wanting wanting to go into the guard now that Clinton is out reminded me of a funny guard story.

It must have been 96 or 97, long after utter contempt and hate for Clinton totally ran throughout the military.

A guy was retiring after 20 credited years, and the guard always did a retirement formation, like a real formation, only when the final medal or retirement award was read the unit would go nuts chearing and yelling like it was a football game, as a goodbye to the guy.

This one guy, call him "Jones", was having his formation and his whole family was there and his wife got some wife award and then the CO went on and on about the guys time in the military, then it was time for the medal (AAM?ACM?).

The admin guy read it and people were getting ready to cheer and then the admin guy said "Signed--William Clinton, Commander in Chief". Dead silence. Not a peep.

No one in the chain had the brains to yell something like "hurah for Jones" to get us yelling, so no one would cheer.

They faked up some state award and gave it to him the next drill period so we could cheer.

(For you guys who weren't in the service, that stuff is never signed by the president, it is always signed by some general in charge of signing crap or some assistant secretary.)
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