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Posted: 10/24/2004 4:08:50 PM EDT
So there I was going to a trick or treat event with wife and daughter. Of course everyone and there brother is going with their kids too. And as usual I don't want to be there. Traffic is backed up on the street leading up to the event and an asshole in a SUV bypasses everyone that has been waiting to turn into the street the event is held. No one is letting him in because we had been sitting for 20 minutes like we are supposed to. He decides he is going to muscle in on me and he comes over and I'm not letting him but he has decided and we are about to make contact so I let him come over. Well, at that point my wife gets all pissed off and reaches over and lays on the horn. That didn't upset me that much but she starts getting all over me for letting him do it. I didn't like what the guy had done but the way I figure the guys an asshole it's over, no need to dwell on it.
But dwell on it she does. After a couple minute of hearing how she can't believe I let that happen and wants to turn around and that I have just ruined the whole evening I snap and start laying into her yelling to leave me alone and climb off my ass among other things. I seldom get mad and lose control and I never raise my voice to my wife especially in front of my daughter. By this time my daughter is crying because she doesn't want to hear mom and dad fighting. Good times.
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