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Posted: 10/4/2014 9:25:12 PM EST
OK so this is a sort of 'open for anyone' thread but especially for Catholics.

The question is.... what years were Abraham, Jacob and Joseph alive in 'BC'?

I've read 20+ different Protestant and Catholic timelines online and found 20 different dates for Joseph alone.

Almost everyone puts Abraham at 2000BC but Joseph's life is either 1800BC or 1725BC... the question is to locate him either before the Hyksos invasion of Egypt or during their occupation (which would explain why the later Egyptians enslaved the Hebrew people as they 'didn't know Joseph').

Now, bible chronology isn't a big deal for most Catholics because we aren't trying to figure out the end of the world (taking Jesus' word for it that no one knows except God the Father) and most of our attention is on what Jesus did and said, not specific times. But I'm curious and since there's so much difference among so many different sources I thought I'd risk taking this question to the peanut gallery here on arfcom religion.

If you have a time line, please link it for me. If you have a reason for pegging Joseph at a certain time, please explain why that date vs. another.

Link Posted: 10/4/2014 11:29:42 PM EST
Abraham 2000BC

Moses between 1450 and1250 BC

David 1000 BC

900-400 BC The Prophets

John the Baptist- 20 AD.

That is Catholic doctrine.

Noah is discribed as "Early" I.E. unknown.

Think what you want.


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