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Posted: 12/16/2009 9:11:11 PM EDT
So I have a restricted driver’s license here in TN - 6 more months till I get my regular license back.  I have a carry permit also.  Can I still have the gun in my car?  I can only drive "to work" or to the addresses I gave the DMV.  The DMV doesn’t have any idea about carry laws – at least the people I talked to.  I have the restricted license for implied consent due to a wreckless driving ticket.  I am not on probation.  Thanks for any help.  I don’t want to be driving around with a gun in my truck if I shouldn’t.  Also, if for some reason the police officer doesn’t think I am driving to and from work, I don’t know if having a gun in the car would be a big no no.,  Thanks for any help :)
Link Posted: 12/17/2009 9:49:13 AM EDT
Call your local agency.

Reckless driving and implied consent? Sound more like a refusal for a DUI test.
Link Posted: 12/17/2009 1:31:08 PM EDT
Yes it was a refusal - but court is over ect...basically I just have a restricted license for 6 more months.
Link Posted: 12/18/2009 9:51:07 PM EDT
you will want to check with the local agency that issued the permit and ensure that it is stilll valid. A convinction like the one you recieved may have put on suspension/revocation. If the permit to carry is still valid I can see no reason you couldn't carry in your vehicle.
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