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Posted: 4/17/2006 2:12:25 PM EST
This thing with the little girl in OK has me so down, I need to open up some humor therapy to help me deal with the twisted human race.

That being said, I have a bad cannibalism joke. Feel free to share your own cannibalism humor.

There was a cruise ship at sea somewhere in the South Pacific when all of the sudden it was rammed by a Submarine and began to sink. Everybody was ordered to the life boats and were lowered over the side and sat adrift in the sea. In one particular boat were only 3 men. They drifted for days until at last they washed up on a seemingly deserted island. They disembarked from the life boat and set about making the necessary plans of surviving until they could be rescued. The first man said: I'll collect the fire wood to build a signaling fire. And off into the jungle he went.

The second man said: I'll collect some wood for a cooking fire and off into the woods he went. The third man said (to himself) I'll collect some wood to build a raft in case we cannot be rescued and we run out of things to eat. About an hour later each man found himself tied to a stake in front of a roaring fire with loin cloth wearing native cannibals surrounding them with painted faces and spears. Somehow, as in every other cannibal anecdote, the cannibal leader can of course, speak English and he says to the 3 men: First we are going to cook you and then we are going to eat you.

You're going to eat us? Cried one of the captives in disbelief. Of course, stupid. We are cannibals that is what we do, said the cannibal chief. The second man, reserved to his fate aksed, When you eat humans, do you... you know, eat everything? What do you mean everything? asked the chief. You know, said the man. Are you going to eat our cocks and balls? The chief thought for a moment then chuckled and said, Of course not. We are cannibals, not cowboys from Hollywood.
Link Posted: 4/17/2006 2:19:40 PM EST
Hell, I think cannibalistic killers should get reduced sentences as compared to mere murderers. At least they don't waste the meat.

Besides, haven't we all been a wee bit curious about what we really taste like? (I'd imagine we taste a lot like pork...especially muslims!)

I'm not saying that murdering a child for meat is right, but still...if someone offered you a nice people-steak, wouldn't there be a little voice in your head saying "Hey, this opportunity doesn't come around very often, so don't waste it!"
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