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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/22/2002 1:29:32 PM EST
Here's the story and if anyone wants to add advise please do. I have the form and filled it out, next step is take it to the County Sherif here in luzerne County Pa. The last elected sheriff was pro gun, not sure about the newly elected sheriff that i now have to do business with. I called several times to make an appointment, he's never available. I went in on the scheduled day that they process carry permits, and i have a valid carry permit issued from this same office , only with the old sheriff. They told me, they process carry permits only, I have to make a personal appointment for anything else. I tried to make an appointment, again i was told he was not available, and I would have to speak to him in person for an appointment. Crock of shit right!! Im going to do either of two things,not sure which 1 contact my laywer, have him make the appointment and get the damn form signed, of course that will cost extra money but i know it can be done. 2 Since i own a small business corporation, do the paper work over and send it in, I beleive I can by-pass the sheriff if I do it that way, but not positive. Down side of that, is if I ever want to close out the corporation or sell it, it could be a hassle transfering the guns back to myself. The corporation is completely owned by me, Im the president vice president and finacial officer 100% Its a small motel that I let my mom oversee and my brother and his girl friend do most of the work. Its all legal I don't do much other than sign the checks and handle the books. Go the laywer route or the corporation route. There is nothing in my records that stop me from owning a weapon, and I own many, Pa. is a pro gun state, its just the new sheriff is a dick head
Link Posted: 1/22/2002 1:52:53 PM EST
I live in Wyoming County,I din't even see the sheriff when I dropped my application form. His secretary should just stamp it,file it and you'll be on your way. I can't see where there would be a problem.
Link Posted: 1/22/2002 2:21:40 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/22/2002 3:02:36 PM EST by drfcolt]
I live in Clinton county and did the same thing. Took it in and handed it to the sheirff's secretary and told her to give it the sheirff. Last I heard anything about it. Got my C&R a couple of months later. We have a great sheirff here. He's proud to serve the people and a great guy to boot. He's signed off on six NFA Form 4's for me so far, always anxious to see what I'm getting next. VERY RKBA. It's just for his records. I suppose that he could get ahold of the BATF if he has any problems with your getting your C&R. It DOES NOT require his signature. It's just for his records. You can even mail it, if you want to. Your copy goes to the BATF with only your signature and you check "YES" where it asks if you sent a copy to your CLEO.
Link Posted: 1/22/2002 2:33:44 PM EST
mtngoat, Like geezhound said, all you do is provide your CLEO with copy-2 of your application. It is just for their records. There is no sign off on it like Form 4's, if that's what you were thinking. I made that mistake, thinking that you need a sign off. I called to make an appointment, and they told me that there was no sign off. I looked at the application closer an realize that where I though he signed is actually where I was supposed to sign. I was so used to form 4's I live in Butler County and have never seen the Sheriff for any of my NFA transfers or my C&R license. My C&R took one month, mailbox to mailbox. I've heard of shorter waits. Watcha gettin? [;)]
Link Posted: 1/22/2002 8:18:09 PM EST
You guys are lucky, I sent in my C&R app in the middle of November and a week before Christmas, I called and asked for a status. I was told by the person that handles my state that they were short handed and only one person was doing the background checks. She said I would have it by the beginning of January. Well here it is, almost February and I'm still waiting. [>(]
Link Posted: 1/23/2002 4:55:52 AM EST
mtmgoat, All you have to do is provide the CLEO with a copy of your application. No action is required on their part. Just mail it to the CLEO and forget about it. I know that renewal forms require an annotation as to who you sent the copy to and when. I don't remember there being such a section on an initial application.
Link Posted: 1/23/2002 6:51:54 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/23/2002 11:00:51 AM EST
Thanks for some of the advise, maybe im reading this application wrong. reason Im going to the county Sheriff, is there is NO law Dept. where I live, im out in the boonies. at bottom of application it requests name ( cheif law enforcement officer) address---------------- Then on top of page 2 it says sign here is that where I sign or the officer signs? maybe, I just fill in the sheriff;s name and address, mail him a copy of this application, then send the signed form to the Feds Thats what it sounds like you gents are telling me. I might be all screwed up on this thing. I will try that , the worst thing that can happen is they reject it and return it to me thanks for all your help
Link Posted: 1/23/2002 2:39:20 PM EST
Its done I filled it out, wrote the check, its in the mail. A copy was sent to the County Sheriff. damn, Im stupid, I read the instructions wrong, I really thought the sheriff had to sign the thing. Good thing you guys straightened me out. thanks alot
Link Posted: 1/26/2002 8:34:16 AM EST
Well, just got word my C&R was mailed last Tuesday. Already received my books from the ATF. So time frame, application was sent in Nov 8, 2001 and they issued at the beginning of this week. About 11 weeks. [:D] Now, all I need a new credit card and a name of a good marriage counselor. [}:D]
Link Posted: 2/23/2002 4:43:22 PM EST
OK Its been about five weeks now, i got the canceled check from the BATF, so , if they cashed the check I hope that means shortly I will receive the license. As soon as I get the license, I intend to purchase one of those Yugo SKS that is being advertised. I want to see if i can get a better price than my local dealer is offering me.
Link Posted: 2/26/2002 2:22:47 PM EST
I got it today!! I started this on January 22 today is feb26. and the license showed up in the mail. I want to thank everyone that set me straight on the paperwork issue, I followed the lists directions and everything went smooth Thanks Again mtngoat
Link Posted: 2/26/2002 2:48:11 PM EST
Hey Mtngoat, Make sure to make copys of your license and only sign them as you send them out. You keep the original and DON'T sign it. (Just so you know,) Aim surplus has done well by me in the past as has SOG. Century was kind of crap (The guns I ordered anyway.) I think they sell alot of the nice stuff off to the distributers. Have fun.
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