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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/10/2002 8:17:46 PM EST
My Mother has a sister who is a Canadian citizen. After her husband died some 17 years ago she began recieving some type of compensation from the Canadian Government. She has very little education and has a hard time providing for herself. We would like to move her here so we'd be able to help her out more. Question is this, would she be able to recieve her compensation if she were here in the US? If anyone has information it would be greatly appreciated.
Link Posted: 11/10/2002 9:06:34 PM EST
You can probably find the answer here : http://canada.gc.ca/comments/faq_e.html
Link Posted: 11/11/2002 6:36:22 AM EST
How about keeping a bank account up there and then move down here. It takes about a week for our local bank to process a check and convert it when needed, but they are really good about doing it (not like some) The wife is Canadian and we have a bank account up there for us and the kids. It's a pain on taxes, but in the long run with the exchange rate what it is we are better off keeping their funny money up there than converting it.
Link Posted: 11/11/2002 7:25:07 AM EST
There are United States rules regarding the length of stay a Canadian can stay in the United States and the Canadian government has residency rules as well. Is this person a senior citizen? If this person has a bank account set up in Canada and there compensation is automatically deposited they can withdraw their funds from an ATM in the United States. If this person is going to give up there Canadian residency it would be a good idea to get a post office box and have any mail forwarded. You would be O.K. if this person stayed with you and did not plan on holding a job in the United States, basically no one would be the wiser and she could stay with you indefinitely. Good Luck!
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