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Posted: 10/17/2004 7:37:44 PM EDT
They're on strike at the Western NY area bridges. Causing major traffic problems. It's pissing people off, not the way to get what you want. Stupid union. Channel 7 news here had video from today (even though the website's story is from a couple days ago) and there were a lot of pissed off Canadians trying to get home after the Bills game. No one is supporting these workers


Canadian Pickets Clog Peace Bridge

Posted by: Dave Debo, Producer
Created: 10/17/2004 10:30:13 PM
Updated: 10/17/2004 10:39:10 PM

Canadian Customs workers unhappy with their work contract staged a picket Sunday, blocking portions of the Peace Bridge between Buffalo and Ft.Erie, and slowing traffic flow for about an hour.

The workers picket came at a heavy traffic time for the bridge, with several Canadian Buffalo Bills fans returning from Ralph Wilson Stadium. Whenever the Bills play Miami, traffic from or to Canada escalates, more than on other Bills home game days, officials said.

"For known events --like a Miami game-- we staff really well," said Chris Bonn, a supervisor with the Peace Bridge Authority. "...so the fact the picketers maybe chose this game is actually good for us because our staff levels are very high."

Similar pickets and work slowdowns hit last week, at one time blocking Peace Bridge traffic for hours, and deferring trucks to a holding lot off Fuhrmann Blvd, to avoid lines at the inspection stations.

The contract talks are expected to continue throughhout the coming week, with a vote before Friday, Bonn said.


Canadian customs strike causing headaches
October 15, 2004 Play Online Video
If you plan on making a quick run across the border weekend, think again.

This week's work action by Canadian customs officers is creating havoc in Buffalo and in Niagara County in Lewiston.

Some truckers waited more than four hours last night to get across the Peace Bridge. It's all because of federal workers in Canada are on strike.

Customs officers who are still working are inspecting trucks very thoroughly, creating the back-ups as a way to get the government's attention by affecting commerce. The action's made for long lines of trucks snaking through the neighborhood by the Peace Bridge. Buffalo Police, with the help of the state DOT, have been rerouting traffic during peak times to Niagara Street and down Route 5 to Fuhrmann Boulevard to avoid dangerous backups onto the 190.

“I was supposed to take this load, drop it, turn around and go back and be back by Saturday night. Well, by a certain point, that's not going to happen, I'll be sitting at home. I'll lose a half-a-week's pay,” said Dan Rycroft, truck driver.

“All the business that we're getting are our die hard customers, the ones who are willing to fight against the trucks, which is unfair because the city should really do something about this,” said Natale Sciolino, waitress.

Local businesses like the Niagara Cafe are the unintended victims of this Canadian customs slowdown. The situation hasn't been much better at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge; truckers there have had long waits this week too.

The good news is for people in cars, delays haven't been much of a problem.

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