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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/25/2001 3:59:52 PM EST
Bill C-42 has been read in the House of Commons. The bill is available at: [URL]http://www.parl.gc.ca/37/1/parlbus/chambus/house/bills/government/C-42/C-42_1/C-42TOCE.html[/URL] Check out Part 5, 'The Explosives Act' amendments: 'illicit trafficking'' means any importation into Canada, exportation from Canada or transportation in transit through Canada of an explosive or an **inexplosive ammunition component** if (a) the importation or exportation is not authorized by the country of origin or the country of destination, or (b) the transportation in transit of the explosive or the inexplosive ammunition component through any country is not authorized by that country; IE specific authorization will be required for all import/export of brass, bullets and so on. ``inexplosive ammunition component'' means any cartridge case or bullet, or any projectile that is used in a firearm as defined in section 2 of the Criminal Code; Loose translation: brass, bullets, anything you can fit into a muzzle or shotshell. 14. (1) For the purpose of ensuring compliance with this Act and the regulations, an inspector may, subject to subsection (5), at any reasonable time, enter and inspect any factory, magazine, vehicle or other place in which the inspector believes on reasonable grounds any explosive is being manufactured, tested , stored, sold or transported, any restricted component is being stored or sold, any inexplosive ammunition component is being stored or transported , or any fireworks are being or are intended to be used,.... IE no warrant required if the inspector 'believes on reasonable grounds' that so much as a single frigging cartridge case (aka inexplosive ammunition component) may exist - WHETHER OR NOT THAT LONE BIT OF BRASS OR LEAD IS LEGITIMATELY HELD! Un f*cking believable. And it just goes on and on... [-!-!-]
Link Posted: 11/26/2001 2:06:41 PM EST
What about the poor fella at the parts store and auto repair facility that has a bunch of wheel weights laying around, (myself having 4 15 gallon drums full) being considered bullets in their eyes. Add to that all the copper tubing in in your house and at the hardware store that could be used to form jackets, the fun somebody could have.
Link Posted: 11/27/2001 6:41:41 AM EST
Lead would appear to qualify if the inspector believed it could be fired from even one gun, including a muzzleloading cannon. Now where can you find projectiles for a smoothbore firearm... oh yeah - Junkyard Wars, hardware stores, glass recycling facilities, gravel quarries, ceramic tile outlets, pet stores, banks... anywhere. The term 'inexplosive ammunition component' even covers fired 22lr casings.
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