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Posted: 7/27/2002 11:54:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/28/2002 12:32:58 AM EDT by Edward_Forrester]
Can I modify a Pre-Ban mag to fit another firearm? I have a VZ52/57, this is the Czech battle rifle before the VZ 58. The VZ 52/57 is in 7.62x39. Here is the fun bit, they were only ever made with 10 round mags, but I checked, and I am sure that if I took an AK mag, and added one small strip of metal to the front to make the whole mage the right length, and ground the forward pivot notch in, I could make a mag that would work and fit. I have been looking at this for weeks, measuring and everything. And I am sure it would work. But I do not want to convert a 30 round Mag and find out that it is illegal to do so. Though I do not think it is personally, I can remember that there is a rifle out there that uses butchered M14 mags.... Any help? I am hoping this will make bump firing more fun, if it is legal [50]
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 12:47:29 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/28/2002 12:59:56 AM EDT by MAHABALI]
No you cannot, the mag has to function in the weapon it was made for, you can modify a preban mag, but it still has to function in the weapon it was made for.
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 12:50:15 AM EDT
Then can you explain the modified uzi mags or modified sten mags that are used for 9mm ARs. IIRC, they won't work in the original weapons in their modified state. FOTBR
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 12:52:48 AM EDT
Its supposed to be that you can modify the mag to work in another weapon, provided that it also still works in the weapon it was originally designed for..... The converted Uzi mags still work in an Uzi, just as M14 mags made for the AR10 still work in the M14.......
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 12:53:04 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/28/2002 12:53:53 AM EDT by Edward_Forrester]
Anyone know if VZ 58 mags will fit the 52/57 then? I know they are different from the AK mags, but not by how much Or anyone know of high cap VZ52/57 mags? hmmmm, or if I mod the Mag so that it will work in my VZ 52/57 BUT I leave it in such a way that it will STILL work in an AK, is that fine? I just want my poor rifle to experience the joy of large capacity, is that so bad? All the other rifles are laughing at him [;D]
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 1:01:50 AM EDT
thanks quiksilver, I was confused Like most of the regulations, Its hard to tell what they mean unless you read all the fine print, and the 50 pages of decisions and opinions, and the counter opinions, and have a whole arseload of letters after your name including the ones that say "lawyer" FOTBR
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 5:44:49 AM EDT
I are a lawyer, and I still can't make heads or tails outta some of those regulations.[:D] You see it being argued all the time, about what's right and what's not. And then throw into the mix that although the ATF can give you a letter saying something is right, it does not alter the law, and if you are charged with a crime, all the letters in the world from the ATF saying it's right will not make it so! Senseless laws enforced by someimes senseless folks, and especially US attorneys who may have no idea what the real world is like, is a recipe for disaster..... Eric The(...OrRevolution)Hun[>]:)]
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