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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/9/2001 1:57:13 AM EST
in 2002, at least thats the rumor i got from the local gun store today, which is DOUBLE the normal fee. and its not a gun store trying to BSing us, my dad and friend have known the owners for a couple years and do bidness with them, as well as buy their stuff. anyone hear about this raise in DROS fees? its going to cost $40 Minimum to DROS/transfer a gun now. $30 to the DOJ, at least $10 to the dealer, could be more at other dealers. think this will help to FURTHER FUND THE Caliban DOJ's ANTIGUN SQUAD? and at the same time forcing LESS sales of pistols (to put places outta bidness), and forcing MORE illegal sales, so more gun owners can GO TO JAIL. the more gun owners that get arrested at gun shows will help to end the gun show bidness in kalif. hmmmmmm $30 DROS fees, $200 x 646guns per year from the BS15 law, and im guessing 50k people registered AWs at $35 per person. a nice little ILLEGAL extortive lucrative enterprise the caliban govt has going on. all in an effort to put US in jail, now dont YOU feel special ?
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