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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/30/2002 9:40:34 AM EST
Quick background, I decided to finally quit smoking this year (after 16yrs), and after going back and forth smoking a little, and then stoping and using the week 1 Nicoderm patches, last week I finally decided enough is enough time to quit for good. So I resumed the patches but ran out faster then I realized. So this week CVS had their brand of patches on sale for half the price. Do not buy them, they are junk. I definately crave nicotine more then the habit of smoking, and their brand wore off after about 2 hours. The Nicoderm truly work for me 24 hours. So I went today to return them and pay the cash differance for the Nicoderm brand. I bought them using cash orignally and was told to sign the receipt (no problem) and to print my Driver License ID number on the receipt. That is what I had a problem with. Why should I provide that number to CVS? I refused and the manager said I have to provide a number so I just wrote 12345678 on the reciept and that was the end. I did not make a scene as these were just regular employees. Anyway most returns with retail for a cash payment do not require anything but a signature. Anytime I am asked for info and a phone number is required, I write down unlisted (which I pay extra to the phone co to have) or I just use 555-1212 where a number is verified (online typically). Anyway would anyone else have objected to providing your Driver License ID number? I just felt it was no more their business then if they asked for my SS# for a cash refund. By the way smoke free since last thursday and feeling good! I use tic-tacs whenever I get a craving for a cigarrette, that seems to work better for me then gum. The Nicoderm I really feel works good for me. Like I said I definately crave nicotine more then I do the smoking habit itself. The past few months I really just hated lighting up the taste, the smell etc.. I leave the patch on overnight and have no craving at all in the morning like I used to, even when having some coffee. I do however get the side effect of some really funky dreams!! I barely ever dream (or least never wake up remembering dreaming) but have been having some real crazy ones!! I best not go into details lol....
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