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Posted: 3/22/2001 5:38:21 PM EST
I don't know how we did it, but we did kill the Assault Weapon Ban Bill by our atendence at Tuesday's hearing. The following is the text of an e-mail alert put out by the CT Coalition of Sporsman: Great thanks to all PATRIOTS who showed up and/or wrote their Reps! WE CAN WIN IF WE STAND TOGETHER!! See Bob Crook's report below: "At today's meeting of the Public Safety Committee this bill was listed as the last on the agenda. The committee put it on HOLD, which meant NO ACTION since today was the Deadline for reporting bills out of Committee. Since the Public Hearing on Tuesday, the Coalition of CT Sportsmen and NRA lobbyists have been doing heavy lobbying and providing clarifying information presented by YOU at the Public Hearing. We estimate about 175 sportsmen came to the hearing. You were well dressed, articulate, and responsive to questions designed to "shake " you. No mention was made by you trying to "improve" the bill and it was obvious to the Comm members we ARE opposed to ANY expansion of gun laws not legitimate. In my 20+ years of lobbying guns, this was one of, if not the best, coordinated, unified and well attended hearings. The legislators WERE impressed! Our vote count was close (always conservative), but we were confident we had the 12 needed for a tie (Ties kill a bill). As it turned out we had more than we expected! The Comm Republicans caucused for about 1/2 hour on all the bills; the Democrats were in for about 80 minutes. The gun bill was not the only controversial issue, but had high prominence. We don't know as yet the positions of all the legislators in committee discussion, but we obviously had more Democratic support than Sen. Penn expected. The political axiom is: If you don't have the votes, don't call the bill. Since the bill was on the agenda, some action had to be taken and HOLD is equal to No Action. This also stopped about a two hour committee public debate on the bill, which was going nowhere. Much of this support was due to YOUR presence at the public hearing, phone calls, letters, e-mail and personal contact with your legislators. It Works! Comments made indicated that constituent presence at the hearing had significant importance. Those that lobbied your legislators at the heating and elsewhere are to be applauded - you saved the day! Is it all over? Hardly. This bill will resurface again and throughout the session (ends June 6) and will have to be continuously fought. This is the beginning. We won round one. To everyone who attended the hearing Tuesday and/or contacted the state legislators - Thank you. The next step is data collection demonstrating how futile, ineffective and disrupting this copy-cat California Law is. We're telling legislators to visit www.calnra.org - not to read gunowners comments, but to read press releases from major CA news organizations demonstrating the chaos, the futility, and constant expansion of this law. WE don't need that in CT! Lastly you need to thank ALL the members of the Public Safety Committee for their wisdom in defeating this bill - particularly if your state senator or representative is a member of the committee. AND, ask them to keep you informed as to NEW developments concerning the gun issue - there will be many! Remember - NOTHING is dead until the session ends!!!!!! Bills that were approved (JF) by the committee and may become vehicles for an AW amendm
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