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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/26/2006 11:13:48 PM EST
ok guys i already CCW with my G19 but a buddy is getting his CCW liscence and he wants to carry his 1911 now he had one concern and he just moved to Maine from mich. so he has been being filled with Bullshit till he moved here

his 1911 has a wilson combat trigger, and hamer, and has a aftermarket barrel on it his argumentive question is this :

he was under the impression that he couldnt carry his 1911 cause of the modifications done to it and in the event that he did have to use his weapon that it would cause legal issues and compromise his case in court because his weapon was modified and the mods made his weapon more "deadly then it was stock and that the court would look at this and maybe make a assumption that he was a gun freak and maybe just wanted to shoot and didnt think the situation over before he shot someguy?

i know its stupid and i have told him that in no way would that matter
but he wanted me to ask you guys to make him feel better

thank you
Link Posted: 2/26/2006 11:49:38 PM EST
i think he's ok to carry here, hopefully some of the other Mainiacs will reply. would like to know myself..
Link Posted: 2/27/2006 8:42:45 AM EST
A defense attorney would argue with a knot in a tree. Depending on the scenario, and if there was legal justification to take a life, you should be ok. As long as someone presented a clear threat and you are in the right, there is...but there isn't much an attorney can argue. As long as you can articulate what happened and why you did what you did and as long as you are clearly in the right, you will be fine. If you can articulate that your life was in immediate danger and you were in "fear", they can't touch you, especially if you have witnesses. The modifications are to help the shooter become a better shot so he/she can stay on target, and so that there are no stray rounds flying into something they are not supposed to hit. Like I tell others that carry concealed, be a good witness. If you don't have to get involved, don't. Your life will turn upside down if there is any question about what happened. It will be rough enough if you were in the right. Let me know if this helps, take care.
Link Posted: 2/27/2006 8:54:34 AM EST
it does help some this is exackly what i told my buddy, but in maine the chances are very small that a gun fight would be needed, but i hav enot heard of many cases involving a shoot with a CCW therefore i do not know how they treat a CWW in court if he did have to use his weapon and shot someone! most cases a shot to a leg or something would prob stop someone, but its just up in the air on how a court handles this kind of matter i know it would be rough on you if you had to shoot someone,

as far as that goes im sure a witness is a good thing, but like a say a modded gun like his is no different then carrying a full wilson combat custom amde 1911 for defense like you say its just a tool to make a better shot and even argumently in court i would say i bought this moddified 1911 so i could assurance on better reliability !
! for the feedback though

anyone got any storied of where you have used deadly force, How did the courts treat you ?

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