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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/8/2002 2:03:57 PM EST
Did anyone see the CBS evening news segment about the shootings. They were doing some video and interviewing about the .223 round and its wound potential. What gets me is of course they are using an AR15 to demonstrate this and they are at a gun shop with a row of semi-auto's (AR15's, AK47's, etc.). Than at the end of the segment the guy demostrating firing the rifle flips it to full auto and lets several rounds go off. Again, typical media mis-informing the general public that all assualt weapons are evil and they are all automatic. When are we as a nation going to stand up and fight for our constitutional rights that seem to erode more and more every year or are we headed for the Socialist States of America!
Link Posted: 10/8/2002 5:47:55 PM EST
Yea, I saw it. You got your facts wrong though. There was no full auto firing shown, and "that guy" was an alleged "founding member" of delta force. Anyway, it was a very sensationalized piece. The best part is when "that guy" shot the full water jug (which of course exploded dramatically), then it cuts to the reporter who says something to the effect, look what it did to the jug, and the human body is 70% water. Also a nice touch is when the reporter asked "that guy" how the MD/DC sniper takes his shot. "That guy" then goes through the proper breathing sequence, prior to firing; again, very dramatic and sensationalized.
Link Posted: 10/8/2002 9:27:14 PM EST
Wow. This is just like the footage the media (IIRC it was CBS) was playing to get "assault weapons" banned. It came to light AFTER the ban was a done deal that the barbie doll airhead field reporter complained to the cop doing the shooting tests that the "assault weapons" weren't doing very much damage to the pumpkins being used as targets. The cop not wanting to let barbie down, pulled out handgun loaded with hydrashoks and with one shot, blew the pumpkin to pieces. So what did the news crew do? They edited the footage to make it look like the exploding pumpkin was shot with an "assault weapon".
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