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Posted: 6/18/2001 1:44:07 PM EDT
Im moving to Sacremento Ca, and attempting to buying my first rifle, having heart set on the AR. But ive swept across this 1-31-01 deadline to register assault weapons in CA. question: does the ar15, other models, even sks and ak fall under assault standing? is this deadline one of those set in stone deals? never to allow new owners or transfer registration from other states? or should i give it up and move back to gods own gun coutry of Arizona. mmm. public carry
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 2:32:21 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/18/2001 2:48:06 PM EDT by bwiese]
Hi GunGirl... Welcome to the Police State. It's For The Children, so you should be glad ;-[ Sorry, you're toast as far as any AR, AK, or other on-list or "by-feature" (SB23) "assault weapon" goes. Broadly, the last day to legally get an AW or hicap mag in Kalifornia was 12-31-99. There was a mad rush - saw people were lining up at The Traders buying 5 AR lowers at once, for example. I went nuts to on AR lowers and hicap mags of all flavors - even for guns I didn't have at the time (M1A, Beretta, etc.) The 12 month window 1/1/00 - 12/31/00 was for registration of weapons, not acquisition of new ones. SB23 non-AR/AK AWs built up from receivers purchased under the radar during this 1 yr period may be legally questionable - they should've been in complete AW form 12/31/99 or before. So, for newly purchased semiauto rifles in Kalifornia you're pretty much limited (approximately) to M1A, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Mini 14 & Mini 30, or Ruger PC9 or PC40 Carbines. A plain SKS with fixed 10 (or less) round magazine is OK as well. SKS with detachable mags or fixed hicap mags are a no-no. You can get a FAL variant from Entreprise Arms but it can't have a pistol grip in CA (since that is an evil feature making it an AW) and you'd have to reattach grip outside of CA. For all practical purposes, can't import hicap mags into CA (perhaps a very limited exception when part of AW brought in for a designated, scheduled, formal, competitive shooting event). Hicaps that you owned before 12/31/99 are grandfathered in for possession; no registration of mags is required. Friendly advice: if you're really not tied to the area and are new here (i.e, no well-paying job, family ties, etc.) get back to AZ as fast as you can. Even if you make (numerically) more money here, the high state income tax + expensive real estate/rents mitigate the benefit of much of that "good pay". We'd love to have you here and help us vote the bums outta office, but if you are new here and making a choice, get the hell out while you can (Can I come along? Please? Please? ;-) Good luck, -Bill San Mateo, CA
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 3:53:31 PM EDT
bwiese has pretty well summed it up but there is now (or will be soon) at least one AR style available, if you don't mind the 10 round limit: [url]http://www.gogogadgets.net/[/url] And yes, we need voters if you care to forego AZ! What are the AW laws like in Colorado, other than the Denver area? I have some property there and might want to move in sometime.
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 4:50:05 PM EDT
also lever actions having mags with tubes over 10 rounds can be called a AW in PRK. Ca DOJ hasnt officcaly removed them yet. S.A.S. says they got a letter from ca DOJ exepmting Lever actions but until DOJ officaly moves em off the list i wouldnt even bring in anything that can hole more than 10 rounds into ca exept tube fed 22's
Link Posted: 6/18/2001 6:21:44 PM EDT
I can honestly tell you I would not consider moving to kali. I am in NY which is bad but I think you guys have it worse. We have had the sullivan law for a long time and eventhough it is bad it wasn't made up with the liberal mentality of today. The histeria and we must do it for the kids bull hit! I think you guys are getting hit with the lets do it to feel good routine. We had some of it here with the state AW ban. It mirrors the federal ban but it is liveable. As bad as the fed bill is you can still buy post bans. My neighbors are moving to Kali for a job oppertunity and I think they are going from the pan to the fire. Me I know I would never live there. My next move is out of NY. Florida,Texas, Arizona something like that. Be cool Lougotzz One other thing the guy that was talking about the high realestate cost and hi rents I know what you are talking about. We have the same situation here. Everyone thinks you make more in NY but you pay on the high end on everything. I think I pay full MSRP or higher on guns when purchased through a gun dealer.
Link Posted: 6/19/2001 11:16:59 PM EDT
what the hell fun is 10 round limit? if its not at least 20 im not happy. colorado is not bad, you cant own anything fun within denver city limits. but move across the street to a burb and your just fine. concealed carry is about impossible to get in this state. but hey, from what i understand no heavy registration restrictions. not half bad. not arizona. but not as bad as Kommufornia guess whos not moving out there? (well if i do ill jump on the non compliance wagon) shhhh
Link Posted: 6/20/2001 8:56:34 AM EDT
gungirl: CCW in Colorado is county-by-county. Down here in El Paso County (Colorado Springs) the sheriff issues to anyone 25 or over, with no criminal record, who has completed a firearms safety training course. I hear many of the counties around Denver County itself are also much more lenient in issuing CCW (though none has a shall-issue policy like El Paso County).
Link Posted: 6/20/2001 5:28:36 PM EDT
GunGirl, I agree, but 10 is better than nuthin'. Circuits, have you heard anything good or bad about Park County???
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