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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/22/2001 11:31:44 AM EST
Hey, I decided on my first AR15 rifle. I need some help from you about buying it...I am purchasing the lower from gunsmoke, and the upper from sabel co... thats all I need (other than magazines) right? Also, I know the lower receiver has to be sent to an FFL to do all of the paper work, but what about the upper? Can it just be sent right to my house since there is nothing to document? I was originally saving up to buy a bushy from the local gunstore, but after shopping around a bit online, Im getting a RRA lower for 230 and an RRA upper for 460. I have decided to get the 24 inch varmint upper, because my whole justification for buying this rifle involves prairie dog hunting and target shooting, so I figure a 24 inch Varmint upper is the way to go. I figure later on, I will purchase the post ban LE tactical "A4" upper from them, or just the regular 16 inch "A4" upper. I was just wondering about the Varmint upper. Size really isnt an issue for a gun which will be used for picking off prairie dogs at 2-300 yards, and target shooting, so would getting the longest barrel make the most sense? To me it does, but Im hoping people with some experience can lend a hand. They come in 24, 20, and 16 inches. What would you recommend? Now I need a scope. I would like to get a scope for under 300 (give or take a little) which I guess means no leupolds. Preferably one with "zoom" cababilities, I dont really like fixed powers, and maybe a 40-50mm objective. Any suggestions?? Since its a .223 I dont think I will really have to worry about the scope receiving too much "shock". Im really excited about this, and I just want to make sure Im going about this the right way, Im open to suggestions!
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 12:01:49 PM EST
Well, okay, I'll chime in a little.... Yes, the upper can be shipped directly to you...it's just a piece of metal and plastic, the lower is a "gun". I'd go with the 24 inch barrel...it'll give you maximum velocity and if you ever want to get into NRA hipower it'll give you enough sight radius. For under $300, look at Weaver and Burris...but don't dismiss fixed powers. They're lighter, cheaper, clearer, transmit more light...and every variable I've ever owned ended up living on one power anyway, eventually. Oh..and welcome!
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 12:22:38 PM EST
Whoa there is a lot to respond to: 1. What does a longer barrel length get you? – More velocity. The bullet will travel a flatter trajectory for a longer distance. 2. Will a longer barrel length (16”, 18”, 20”, 24”) make much of a difference for 200-300yd PD shooting? Some… If you practice, a 16” will perform almost as well as a 20” which will perform almost as well as a 24”. 3. What affects accuracy more than barrel length? IMO the fit, finish and quality of the gun will affect the accuracy more than the barrel length. A good trigger and a free-float barrel are arguably the two most important variables in improving accuracy (not counting shooter improvement). 4. Practice… Practice… Practice. What would I recommend? 1. First: I would recommend buying your first AR as a complete rifle. That way if there are problems, you can send the rifle to the manufacturer. 2. Second: I always recommend a 16” as a first AR. A well made AR with a 16” barrel will be accurate to 300+++ yards. In addition, they are quick, easy and fun when plinking and other shooting. 3. The LEGP would seem to be in your ballpark price. When you get more funds, you could add a jewel trigger and later an Armalite free float target upper. If you are going to be dedicated to target shooting and want to maximize your accuracy, I would recommend saving a couple more dollars to buy an Armalite M15A4(T). As for scopes, Leupold makes a pretty good Vari-lux II in the 4.5x14(?) range that would seem to fit the bill. Oh yeah, if you are going to put a scope on your upper, make sure you get a flat-top upper. Good luck and welcome to the wide world of ARs.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 12:27:38 PM EST
Hey, thanks for the reply! I was wondering how long it would take for someone to reply...lol. I will definently consider a fixed variable scope based on what you said. I just figured for versatility a zooming scope may be the way to go. I dont have too much expercience with scopes, but I love zooming scopes so that I can "find" my target at a low power quickly, then zoom in on it for the shot, as opposed to a fixed power which could make that a little more difficult. Right now though...getting the gun is all I am concerned about. Ill worry about the scope later. Thanks for your help.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 12:35:48 PM EST
Yeah I was thinking about how if I have problems with it...but then again, a RRA complete gun would run me about 950-1000 if I purchase it complete. If I get the lower and upper seperate (230 for the lower, 460 for the upper), well, you do the math. I am fairly confident I can work out any "problems" given the wonder resources here, and that I live very close to a gunshop with a gunsmith who specializes in AR15's. I figure might as well get the damn 24 inch barrel, and make my prairie dog plinking a little easier. I have always loved the long range target shooting role or long range hunting style, so it think this upper will give me the most fun, for now. And of course, a 16" M4 style upper later, if RRA releases one. I was thinking about the LEGP, but I think the extra barrel length will really help me out, especially since its my first AR. And it is free floated, so that will be nice for hunting as well. I figure that and a harris, and a nice scope, and I will be set. I will DEFINENTLY consider what you have recommended though, I just need to give it some serious thought. Good news is, I can always get an RRA upper (16 or 20 inch flat top) for 360 dollars, and practically have a new rifle. But I will have the standard trigger. I figure I cant spoil myself too much for my first AR. I'd rather train and learn with a standard trigger anyways, I think it would help me "learn" the most. Thank you all very much.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 3:36:10 PM EST
Check out thjis site for some scopes http://www.swfa.com/riflescopes/index.html They have the Tasco Super Sniper for $300. They also have a Leupold Vari X 2 3X-9X Tactical Scope for $310-$380 depending on which reticle you want, a duplex or mil-dot.They also have a Leupold 6X Tactical that has a adjustable objective lens for $360-$440, again either duplex or mil-dot reticle.
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