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Posted: 10/12/2001 12:28:26 AM EDT
The words of an outdated founding father thinking isolationist. He is not a patriot and must be defeated in the next election. [url]www.cnsnews.com/ViewPolitics.asp?Page=\Politics\archive\200110\POL20011011d.html[/url] Bush Criticized for Allowing NATO Air Patrols Over American Skies By Jim Burns CNSNews.com Senior Staff Writer October 11, 2001 (CNSNews.com) - Beginning Friday, European pilots will help protect American skies for the first time ever. AWACS planes will be deployed from a NATO base in Germany to Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. But, Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul is upset at the action, believing it indicates a loss of American sovereignty. President Bush announced the action Wednesday during an appearance with NATO Secretary-General Lord Robertson. "In an unprecedented display of friendship, NATO air surveillance aircraft are on their way to the United States to help keep our country safe. This has never happened before, that NATO has come to help defend our country. But it happened in this time of need. And for that, we're grateful," Bush said. Paul, a member of the House International Relations Committee, disagrees. "National security is the most basic sovereign duty of the federal government in our constitutional republic. Neither Congress nor the president can cede that duty to a foreign nation or body. We cannot allow the security of our own borders to become the responsibility of any coalition or international organization, whether it's NATO or the United Nations," said Paul on Capitol Hill. Paul also thinks the action is the fault of "interventionist foreign policy" that has spread American "military forces so thin." "As a result, we find ourselves unable to deal with the legitimate military crisis posed by the September 11th attacks. How much longer can we continue to defend so many other nations, but not our own? The national security of the U.S. is the province of the American people and the American people only," said Paul. Paul concluded, "The stunning delegation of our national air defense to foreign forces marks a sad day for America. The war on terrorism provides us with an opportunity to strengthen national unity, but we must begin by reaffirming American sovereignty and defending our own borders." Responsibility for the defense of U.S. and Canadian air space lies with the North American Aerospace Defense Command, commonly known as NORAD. The AWACS planes will bolster NORAD patrols that were instituted after last month's attacks against New York and Washington.
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