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Posted: 5/11/2004 8:32:30 PM EST
Was thinking Muslims would thank us for getting rid of Saddam and not realizing we are engaged in fight to the death. Muslim vs. western civilization.

Not unlike the Capitalism vs. Communism war we just won. Half the muslims on the planet are actively trying kill westerners or supporting those who do and the other half are sitting on the sidelines rooting them on.

I'm afraid this is going to continue until we separate the fighters from the rooters and kill the fighters. The rooters won't be happy about it but they won't do anything about it but complain. Even they are afraid of the fighters for what they will bring down on all Islam.

The first step in winning this war is going beyond all the 'we are at war' platitudes and digging our heels in. The 'war on terror' can't be like the phony 'war on drugs'. We have to admit its a war on muslim extremists and accept they are really trying to kill us. How many times must we hear Osama talk about killing Americans before we realize he speaks for many if not most muslims?

If they stockpile weapons in Mosques, the Mosques have to go. If they hide in the mountains on the Pakistan - Afghanistan border, we have to take them out, no sanctuaries.

I don't see the 'good' muslims in Iraq giving up the murderers of the civilian contractors. I don't see the 'good' muslims turning in Osama.

We are past trying to win their hearts and minds.
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