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Posted: 10/7/2001 5:39:09 PM EDT
This is just lazy on my part, but does anyone know of any good sources for bulk .223? I am particularly looking for SS109/M855. I had a fairly decent stock of factory Winchester M855, Malaysian M193 and Remington Ball, until a few months ago. One of my buddies was feeling down, so I took him to the range and we shot off most of my stockpile. He was feeling much better afterwards. I remember thinking while I was loading the magazines that I had been unreasonably paranoid to acquire so danged much ammo, and that I would never need it. I guess I got that one wrong. My wife, of all people (and she hates it when I spend money on guns and ammo), gave me a direct, lawful order to buy some .223 immediately. Any help would be appreciated. I have plenty of high-quality ammo in other calibers. I only need some .223, fairly quick before my wife kicks my butt.
Link Posted: 10/7/2001 6:00:43 PM EDT
www.aimsurplus.com has some tracer ammo www.southernammo.com If you have a 01 or 03 FFL, try Century.
Link Posted: 10/7/2001 6:01:09 PM EDT
Sounds like you need to get into reloading! Might try Eric the ammo man, though I don't have any contact info, surely someone around here does?
Link Posted: 10/7/2001 6:20:03 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By nobby: Try to help yourself before asking for it from others.
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What kind of comment is that? I seem to recall you getting some help recently. Whats the matter,lose your nerve? It doesnt ALL delete you know!
Link Posted: 10/7/2001 6:28:53 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/7/2001 6:30:01 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/7/2001 9:34:00 PM EDT
Originally Posted By M4Madness: [url]www.wideners.com[/url]
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Subject: Wideners E-MAIL BLAST WRS-6 From: "wideners@wideners.com" Date sent: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 17:21:41 -0400 To: "thegardenweasel@ar15.com" WIDENER’S RELOADING & SHOOTING SUPPLY INC. P.O. BOX 3009 CRS JOHNSON CITY. TN 37602 PHONE 800-615-3006 FAX 423-282-6651 E-MAIL BLAST WRS-6 (You must mention this e-mail to get the price) Good through 10-19-01 1. M-69 Gas Masks with Filter. These gas masks are brand new NATO spec. never issued. They come with the filter canister and they come in two sizes; Medium and Large. Part numbers are #GM-L - LARGE......................................................GM-M - MEDIUM DELIVERED PRICES $18.00 EACH.. ORDER 5 OR MORE, PRICE DROPS TO $13.00 EA. 2. WQ3131 - WINCHESTER M193 223 REM, 55 GR FMJ AMMO. IN STOCK NOW!!!!!!!!!! PREPAID SHIPPING AT $185.00 PER CASE OF 1000 ROUNDS. 3. SMOKELESS POWDER ON SALE AND IN STOCK. PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING & HAZ. MAT. CHARGES. W2318 - WIN 231 $119.00/8 LB. $385.00/ 4-8 LB. KEGS W7608 - WIN 760 $125.00/8 LB. $385.00/ 4-8 LB. KEGS SMP844 SURPLUS $87.00/8 LB. $235.00/ 4-8 LB. KEGS SMP846 SURPLUS $87.00/8 LB. $235.00/ 4-8 LB. KEGS SMP5010 SURPLUS $75.00/8 LB. $199.00/ 4-8 LB. KEGS
Link Posted: 10/7/2001 9:34:59 PM EDT
4. SMA308P - 308 Surplus ammo. Brand new shipment. Small amount available to our Internet Customers. South African, Berdan primed, non-corrosive, 147 gr COPPER JACKETED bullet, 1980’s production by PMP in South Africa. 20 round boxes in 140 round sealed battle packs. $25.00 /140 rounds….$170.00/1260 rounds. + Shipping Charges. 5. NEW! Century Arms In Line Muzzleloader with synthetic stock. The best deal on a muzzleloader rifle that we’ve ever seen. No FFL required. Part # CENMZ…..$89.00. PREPAID SHIPPING! 6. UNFIRED 223 Military brass Clearance Sale !! “Handpulled from GI ammo. Most is Lake City. Has inert crimped primer that you punch out! Part # UF223 PREPAID SHIPPING!!!!! Regular price $42.00/1000.......SALE PRICE $29.00/1000.......$75.00/3000 7. ONCE-FIRED 45 ACP COMMERICAL BRASS ! PART # OFB-45-C PREPAID SHIPPING!! $62.00/1000...............................$180.00/3000 8. 9MM Ammo. By Olympic Ammo. Made by the Greek Arsenal and made to NATO specs. New shipment just arrived and is in stock now. 20 rounds per box, 1000 rounds per case. PREPAID SHIPPING!!!!!!! GA9115 - 9mm 115 gr FMJ $117.00/1000 $460.00/4000 GA9124 - 9mm 124 gr FMJ $119.00/1000 $460.00/4000 OK TO MIX FOR QUANTITY PRICE!! 9. ONCE-FIRED BRASS SALE 38 Special Brass Reg. $38.00/1000 SALE $29.00/1000 40 S&W Commercial Reg. $40.00/1000 SALE $19.00/1000 10. PRIMERS - Large increase in demand for primers. Now on SALE (Save $5.00 per case) We have the following primers; CCI400 - SMALL RIFLE $89.00/5000 $171.00/10,000 $401.00/25,000 CCI500 - SMALL PISTOL $89.00/5000 $171.00/10,000 $401.00/25,000 WRS - Win. Small Rifle $89.00/5000 $171.00/10,000 $401.00/25,000 WSP - Win. Small Pistol $89.00/5000 $171.00/10,000 $401.00/25,000 PREPAID SHIPPING AND HAZ. MAT. FEES!!!!!!!!!!!! 11. SMA76225 - 762 X 25 TAKAROV AMMUNITION! 86 gr. FMJ, Berdan Primed, non-corrosive. South African Manufactured. PREPAID SHIPPING !!!!! $75.00/500 $130.00/1000 12. HORNADY Case Trimmer - Part # H050016. Trimmer with 10 pilots. Prepaid Shipping! Reg. $47.00.............................SALE $29.00 !!!!!! 13. ACCURATE 2230-C COMMERCIAL POWDER. Loads small to medium cartridges from .223 to .308. PREPAID SHIPPING AND HAZ. MAT FEES. !!!! Part # A2230C 8lb. Kegs. 14. HOPPES PLUS Black Powder Solvent, Cleaner & Patch lube. GALLON SIZE KEG. PART# HP9501 Reg. $69.00. .SALE $38.00 CLOSE-OUT PRICING! 15. M196 22 CAL 55 GR. RED TIP TRACER BULLETS FOR RELOADING (not loaded ammo) Reg. $185.00/1000. SALE $125.00/1000 PREPAID SHIPPING Part # UFTM196! 16. WINCHESTER 300 SAVAGE UNPRIMED BRASS. NOW IN STOCK!! Part # WSC300SU $29.00/100 $84.00/300 $135.00/500 PREPAID SHIPPING! 17. JUST RECEIVED! SHIPMENT OF MASTER MATCH BULLETS. All now in stock including 9MM AND 45 ACP. PREPAID SHIPPING !!!!! 18. SMA223FMJ-GU - 223 M193 55GR AMMO. Berdan Primed, non-corrosive, brass case. LIMITED QUANTITY! From Guatemala! $129.00/1000 + shipping charges.
Link Posted: 10/7/2001 9:49:46 PM EDT
I get decent ammo for my belt-fed 1919a4 from www.southernammo.com So far it all works and is pretty cheap.
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