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Posted: 1/23/2001 8:09:30 PM EDT
I realize that in a SHTF scenario, it is best to either stay home and defend it OR get out to your backup destination very early.  That has been debated alot here, but that's not the reason for this post.  What I am wondering is, if there is no other alternative to leaving, what weapons would be your choices? If you have far more weapons than would be safe or smart to take, some choices must me made.  I've listed mine here:

CAR M4gery with .22 conversion(soon to be 11 1/2" SBR)
My custom Mauser
Walther P99 40 Auto

Of course there is more to it than just grabbing guns, but I am just wondering about weapons choices.
Link Posted: 1/23/2001 8:12:25 PM EDT
It would have to be my CAR15. Mossberg 590A1 and Glock 17 and 19. All within arms reach from each other as well as the rounds for em.
Link Posted: 1/23/2001 8:27:19 PM EDT
The only one I would carry would be the Bushmaster Shorty. The .22 is not enough rifle, and the pistol takes up space for rifle ammo. These, of course, can be used to equip friends or whoever I trust TO equip.
Link Posted: 1/23/2001 8:41:16 PM EDT
300winmag -sniper duty
45 - close combat range
ar15-general use
mossberg-for noise in bushes
mini 14-mud n muck
Link Posted: 1/23/2001 8:45:38 PM EDT
AR-Shorty & SIG-220 and all the ammo I could hump.
Link Posted: 1/23/2001 9:09:52 PM EDT
HK P7/M13
SIG 550,551,Commando.
M4/ACOG NSN/Knights RAS w/Vert. Handle & tac-light.
Any Barrett semiauto.
SIG SSG 3000
.....that's the fantasy gun vault......for hitting the trail in a SHTF scenario, the list would look a lot like the post above this...
HK USP .45
LOTS of ammo.
Link Posted: 1/23/2001 9:21:18 PM EDT
My only 2 guns: 10/22 and .38!
Link Posted: 1/23/2001 9:33:36 PM EDT
My dream would be
Springfield M1A supermatch with
Springfield Armory scope
Wilson Combat 45

The M1A can double as a battle rifle if need be.Untill I can afford the above it will be
Mossberg 590
Kel Tec 40
Link Posted: 1/23/2001 10:24:24 PM EDT
If I cut it down to the bare minimum it would be my Bushmaster 20 in to give me a little more punch at greater distances, I don't think I want to get into any cramped situations.  And all the ammo I can carry.
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 2:25:38 AM EDT
[blue]I would grab my 16" Oly.
One of the most accurate ars I
own.  It sports a Colt 4X scope,
eats anything and inside the
crosshairs @100yds.  I like bdc
scope and the wieght of the 16".
Probably my high cap sigma for
a pistol and of course too much
ammo.  Something we talk about
much....how about cleaning kits?

Hold Hard[/blue]
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 2:52:36 AM EDT
Colt car15, Sig P220
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 3:37:08 AM EDT
Bushy AR and all the ammo
Rem 870 + ammo
Springfied .45 on my side
Browning .22 carried by son
SW .357 carried by spouse

Yes, the son and wife CAN shoot!
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 3:42:24 AM EDT
Because of the SHTF scenerio, I have tailored my handgungun choices down to 4 calibers...and the most widely used amd readily available caibers:
The G19 - 9mm
the K USP -45
A G21 & G30 - 45
S&W M65 - 357
And a Colt Detective Special .38

The ones I would grab? all the 45's and the 9mm.

The rifles would be a .22, the Bushy, and  the Mossberg 590.

And all the ammo I could hump. Whatever ammo I don't have, the choices of caliber will allow me to "gather" ammo along the way. Now..that's in a pre-planned scenerio. If it happens while I'm away from home...I'll have th G19 and a helluva fight to get back to my house, or away and into the woods someplace.
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 3:55:29 AM EDT
24" Bushmaster w/ 3-9 variable scope.  HK USP 40 or S&W 686.  No point in trying to have a different gun for every conceivable situation or you end up hauling the whole gun safe along anyway.  Shotguns, in particular, are a waste to bring along in a bug out situation.  It won't do anything you can't accomplish with your rifle.  Shotguns are primo foraging tools and excellent for very close range defense, but on the move you don't want to close with the enemy anyway.  Not to mention the weight and bulk of shotgun ammo.
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 5:53:13 AM EDT
Some of you guys must be using a pack mule to haul all that stuff.
Me it`s two guns
SLR 95
if possible stash my Browning Buckmark somewhere.
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 6:09:52 AM EDT
I would grab my bushy M4, my H&K USP .40c on my side and if theres room, my Fabarm FP6 12 gauge. Of course all the ammo I can carry reasonably.
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 8:59:30 AM EDT
For me (two guns) :
1. M4 AR - w/4 30s and 2 20s
2. Beretta 92 - w/5 15 rnd mags

If I get a 3rd:
3. Mossberg 500
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 9:08:39 AM EDT
I would grab my bushy M4, my H&K USP .40c on my side and if theres room, my Fabarm FP6 12 gauge. Of course all the ammo I can carry reasonably.
View Quote
HEY your the only one I know of that owns a fp6. I have owned mine since Christmas.
How do you like it? and Do you know where to get any accessories? I have the folding stock but I`m looking for the tube extension.
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 9:22:12 AM EDT
If I'm walking, it's my 16" Bushy CAR15/coll stock, and my G26. If riding, add to that the 12ga pump and lots more ammo.
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 10:19:56 AM EDT
I'm going to have my briefcase with several bulletproof breast plates in it to use to shield me while I take .308 hits and my "partner" runs for cover.  Then I'm going to pull my 2 Glock "practical tacticals" and return fire as I use Special Operations Escape and Evade techniques and Ninja Wall Climbing Shoes to reach cover where I can then call for the special "Mall Response Team" with their superior firepower of .38 revolvers and MP5's to clear the area of the opposition.  We will all then retreat from the Area of Operations in the special "Electric Response Vehicles" with the run flat golf cart tires.

Remember, those of use in Retail Security are the real heroes.  Those cops are just there to mop up after action and do the paperwork.  Everyday at the Mall is SHTF Day, but we don't have the option of "Bugging Out" like the mere civilians do.


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