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Posted: 12/27/2003 12:25:01 AM EDT
An old friend of mine is a squad leader in a Marine rifle company, headed for the sandbox.  He's a good NCO, really compotent, but he's never been to the desert and has never done any peacekeeping/low intesity conflict type stuff.  The two suggestions I had for him he hadn't heard before were dry lube and OC spray.  Anybody else got anything I can pass on?
Link Posted: 12/28/2003 4:05:26 PM EDT
Flea collars.  The guys wear them on their boots to keep the sand fleas off their bodies.  Army won't supply them - considered hazardous to dispose of or some crap like that.

Hot in the summer (got a pic somewhere of my bro-in-law standing next to a thermometer with needle past 150 degrees) and cold in the winter, sent him hand warmers for night patrols.  Be prepared for that.

As he may know Army supply is not the best.  My bro-in-law can't get batteries (AA & AAA) for his night vision equipment.  I send him about 100 of each every month for him and his men.

A few more items to ponder.  Good luck.  Stay low and be safe.  If you believe, pray for the guy.
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