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Posted: 6/17/2001 3:45:39 PM EDT
I already have a Browning Gold shotgun that I shoot trap with, but I was thinking about getting a Berreta Urika shotgun to shoot trap with. I like the Browning Gold it's a very nice gun that shoots very well. I wanted to know what everyone else thought though. I liked the way the Urika shotgun looked too! What do you guys think is better?
Link Posted: 6/17/2001 4:26:52 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/17/2001 4:24:46 PM EDT by Richard in LA]
I just purchased a 391 about a month and a half ago. I love it, I previously had an AL 390 that was stolen, but up until then, I loved it too. shot many thousands of shells through it ranging from light win AA's to magnum steel, to buckshot and even a few slugs, and not ONE problem with it. I have not shot my 391 that much, but I have shot it enough to know it is better than the 390. the main difference is the gas valve/spring is permanently attatched to the bbl, unlike the 390 which if you are a moron, you can put it in backwards. anyway back to gold vs urika, A couple buddies hunt with the golds because they have the capacity for the 3.5 inch shells for geese. I do not particularly care for the gold, and I do not need the 3.5 inch 12 gauge cause i have the original 3.5 in a 10 gauge that I use for geese. the Urika with the wood stock is a very fine gun, but Mine is a synthtic model, and still looks "cool" because of the grey non stick material that takes the place of the checkering ont he wooden models. I am sure that you cant go wrong with either one, but I knew what my old gun was reliable, and the new one fit me well, so that is what I opted for.
Link Posted: 6/17/2001 4:27:30 PM EDT
"What do you guys think is better?" The one YOU shoot best. There's not much difference between the Browning Gold, Beretta 391, Rem 1100 and Benelli's except for the gas gun/recoil designs. As long as you have the basic material, you can play dress-up just like AR's. Ported barrels, lengthened forcing cones, back-bored barrels, funny screw-in chokes and all that. What will make the most difference to you is getting the gun FITTED TO YOU. Get a shotgun fitter to measure the gun to you. Then get him to adjust length of pull, cast, drop and toe until it SHOOTS WHERE YOU LOOK. You should never look at the barrel of your shotgun (trap may be the exception tho'). When it's right it will put its pattern where your eyes are looking. Get a copy of Sporting Clays magazine to get a list of shotgun fitters. BTW the lovely bride and I are Beretta shooters but we do as well with any gun that's a close fit.
Link Posted: 6/17/2001 5:13:16 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/17/2001 5:27:35 PM EDT by the bricklayer]
I have a Winchester Super X-2, it has the same gas system as the Browning Gold has. It is the best shootin shotgun i've shot so far - but thats just me. I personaly like the feel of the Super better than the Gold - it just fits me better I guess. My uncle has a Gold and neither of us has ever had a jam with this gas system. Plus its very easy to clean. I've never handled or shot a Beretta 391 so I can't comment on that one. - bricklayer I know, I know these are just field guns URIKA [img]http://www.beretta.com/images/AL391-URIKA_12_copy2.jpg[/img] GOLD [img]http://www.browning.com/products/catalog/firearms/gold/images/gdhunter.jpg[/img] SUPER X-2 [img]http://www.winchester-guns.com/prodinfo/catalog/superx2/images/x2fldwod2.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 6/17/2001 5:27:00 PM EDT
Check out a benelli. Very nice shotgun. Shouldn't you be shooting a Kreighoff?
Link Posted: 6/17/2001 8:59:38 PM EDT
I shoot shotguns for a living.....Of the two I like the Browning.
Link Posted: 6/17/2001 9:05:25 PM EDT
Getta Beretta.
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