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11/20/2019 5:07:11 PM
Posted: 8/2/2009 6:45:01 AM EST
My brother is active duty USMC E-5, currently deployed to A-stan in a remote spot with little comm.

His marriage has been on the rocks for some time (been married 4 years) and he has been on the fence about whether or not he was happy enough to stay in the marriage. Well my parents and I have smelled something fishy the entire time he has been deployed based off her not answering any email or phone call from any family member, and also some oddities in his emails.

today he learned that she is prepping to take him to the cleaners and has already changed account passwords so he cannot get into his money and is afraid she is going to take everything while he is deployed.

I told him to contact his shirt and commander to let them know the situation and to talk to legal and finance.
Our parents are going to setup a new account for him so he can change his direct deposit, I also suggested he give our parents a SPOA with full control for the bank accounts in hopes they can fix the password and kick her out of it.

Another suggestion I gave him was to get our cousin who is also AD USMC located at his home base to go with some of my Brother's command along with a list of stuff to remove from the house for safe keeping.

I am hoping she tries to sell my brother's Sig226 which has his unit's symbol on it and deployment dates. She is NOT on the paperwork in any form and the firearm stands out... 5 years for illegal sale of a firearm... right?>

what can my brother do?
Link Posted: 8/2/2009 6:57:46 AM EST
The advice on getting the upper echelon involved is spot on. Also contact the JAG office. They are apparently taking a very dim view these days on this sort of thing. The POA is good too. I'd be careful on sending someone to get your stuff w/o a LE presence though. W/o a seperation agreement, she could possibly claim theft and that would hurt the serviceman involved a lot.
Link Posted: 8/3/2009 3:08:54 AM EST
UPDATE: he somehow managed to trick her into sending her POA to him in A-stan and already has a new one heading to my parents.
He is looking for a lawyer to help him with divorce papers now so that he can have them setup and sent to her before she knows what hits her.
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