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Posted: 9/16/2004 2:36:51 PM EDT
Brit Hume reported on Moveon.org's new television ad claiming that President BUsh let the AWB lapse and now Terrorist can be these wepons which fire over 300 RPM and can kill hundreds of people.

Brit's response was that the truth is such weapons were banned in 1934 and it takes an extensive background check and LEO sign-off to own one now.


Link Posted: 9/16/2004 2:37:27 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/16/2004 2:37:50 PM EDT by ar50troll]
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Link Posted: 9/16/2004 2:41:35 PM EDT
And all the libbie wankers who want to ban guns will just watch with a stoned look on their face, because "this does not compute", then they'll go right back to saying the ice cream man is passing out machine guns.
Link Posted: 9/16/2004 4:09:05 PM EDT

Originally Posted By ar50troll:
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Thanks....you're right....I was beat out by 26 seconds....I could have been a contender I tell ya.

Link Posted: 9/16/2004 5:23:52 PM EDT
Yeah, that was right before the story about the gay marriage push (no pun intended) out in Oregon.
I get so sick of the media showing a bunch of fags kissing! I wrote them a letter explaining that I don't appreciate that kind of shit. I also asked them if they did a story on pedophilia, were they going to film some dude and a kid butt-cuddling?

I'm so sick of this shit!

The next story on Porn HAD BETTER SHOW JENNA JAMISON GETTING IT FROM BOTH ENDS, or so help me........Aw, who am I trying to kid? I'd prolly still watch them!

Link Posted: 9/16/2004 5:25:32 PM EDT
Yes, cool avatar. You're a good man.
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