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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/27/2002 3:29:30 PM EST
I've been searching for legal data on black powder cannons, but haven't found the info I need yet: I've got a barrel from a 20mm GE Minigun (surplus) that'd make a WONDERFUL black powder cannon, and I can get the M55A3 target practice 20mm projectiles for 87.5 cents each in lots of 200. That's big-bore cheap shooting! But I don't know if it can be legally made into a BREECH loading cannon. Muzzle loading, yes, but this barrel has gain twist on it (!!) and I think I'd wear myself out trying to seat the bullet through that monstrous rifling. I'd need a sledgehammer and a starting punch for the bullet's nose just to get it started! I'd want to use premeasured bagged powder charges, and would NOT be using cartridges! No way! I know that'd be illegal! So, does anyone know where to point me so I can get the legal aspects of breechloading black powder cannons? CJ
Link Posted: 1/27/2002 7:11:54 PM EST
Read the statutory definition of what constitutes a firearm at the ATF website. I believe it must be a muzzleloader, or unable to take fixed ammunition of any kind available in the normal channels of commerce.
Link Posted: 1/27/2002 7:38:58 PM EST
The muzzleloader aspect would be hard to handle given that it's a heavily rifled barrel with gain twist and the rotating bands on the bullets are made of copper. It could, though, be designed into a breech assembly which would preclude the use of any form of cartridge. More research is going to be needed. I've got access to a fully equipped machine shop, and I might just build the cannon, but I've got to be sure it'd be a legal project before starting. CJ
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