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4/22/2019 5:32:20 PM
Posted: 4/19/2007 7:38:49 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/19/2007 7:44:30 PM EDT by Redsaber76]
Seriously guys, what are WE going to do? Here's what we're gonna do next time some clown decides to live out his sick fantasies: FIGHT BACK!

In light of the recent tragedies at Virginia Tech, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is launching a video petition/campaign to raise awareness about gun violence in America, offer support/solutions, and challenge people across the nation to DO something about our gun violence problem.

Please send us a short video clip of yourself urging students, friends, family, elected officials, and your general community to DO something about gun violence. We need your input – your reaction – your story! Add your face and your voice to the growing list of people who want change.

Monday's shooting at Virginia Tech was more than an isolated incident. This was just one episode in a longstanding gun violence problem we have in the United States.

Eight years ago this week, the young people in Littleton, Colorado suffered a horrible attack at Columbine High School, and almost exactly six months ago, five young people were killed at an Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania. Since these killings, we've done nothing as a country to end gun violence in our schools and communities. If anything, we've made it easier to access powerful weapons.

Something must be done.

Public officials are afraid to talk about the gun violence issue.
If they won't talk about it, we will!

Please email your videos to BradyVideoCampaign@gmail.com.

Feel free to contact Sumi via email or phone (202) 289-5789 for more information.

We will be posting your responses to our YouTube site (http://www.youtube.com/bradycampaign) and ultimately our various websites. Keep an eye out for your video!

Length: We ask that you keep it under 2 minutes, but if you feel especially compelled to send something longer, we ask that you at least keep it under 5 minutes.

Content: You shape this Campaign – we want you and your friends speaking out!

· Tell us about your feelings about, reactions to and experiences with gun violence in the U.S. and even more specifically, our heartbreaking losses at Virginia Tech. We want to hear what you’re going to do OR what you’re already doing to make our communities safer from gun violence. Feel free to discuss any of the above subjects – no need to talk about all.

· We encourage you to introduce yourself by name, age and school (if applicable).

· The only thing we require is that every submission should end with the challenge “What are you going to do?” in some form or another. Feel free to challenge the general public, your elected officials, your friends, and even yourself. This is your chance and this our generation’s chance to make a difference in our country.

Contact Information: While we don’t mind anonymity, we ask that you please provide us with your full name and e-mail address in case we need to contact you about your video submission.

File Types: All file types are accepted; however, we prefer MPEG or .WMV. Make it your own! Use your phone, digital camera, webcam or camcorder.

Disclaimer: By submitting a video, you consent to allow the Brady Campaign and Brady Center to use your video for all of its purposes. This may include advertising on the Web or at an event. We reserve the right to review and delete without notice any submission in its sole discretion, including without limitation submissions that in the sole judgment of the Brady Campaign and Brady Center might be offensive, illegal, or might violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of others. We also reserve the right not to post or use your video if we deem it to be harmful, threatening, unlawful, defamatory, infringing, abusive, inflammatory, harassing, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent, invasive of privacy/publicity rights, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.
Link Posted: 4/20/2007 7:44:50 AM EDT
I'm putting together a little essay about prison violence. Some selected points I have so far:

The Justice Fellowship website sumarizes a few points brought up by the Commission on Safety and Abuse in America’s Prisons:

"Inmates in the custody of our prisons have no ability to defend themselves. They are forbidden from having weapons, they cannot choose their neighbors, nor can they leave their area if they feel threatened. Having stripped them of all means of protecting themselves, prison authorities have a responsibility to ensure that they are not subject to predators. No matter what the crime an inmate has committed, their sentence does NOT include being raped, beaten or extorted."

Considering police are not responsible for the average law-abiding citizen getting killed, raped, or robbed, I'd say this is pretty telling.

Among the Commission's key findings:

Violence against prisoners and staff is a problem in too many places, and the lack of standardized, reliable data to measure violence is a serious impediment to enhancing safety.

There is violence in a gun free zone? What?

Poor medical and mental health care inside correctional facilities - the result of inadequate funding - puts prisoners, staff, and the public health at risk.

Individual rights? Pffft.

Expensive, long-term, high-security segregation can actually exacerbate violence in prisons and contribute to recidivism after release.

Translation: Poorly implemented controls are expensive and counter-productive.

Line officers, wardens, and system directors frequently lack the resources and support to meet the extensive demands of the job.

Translation: Properly implemented controls are costly and difficult to maintain.

I'm not sure how I'm going to arrange the information just yet, and I'll probably read the actual report from cover to cover so I know exactly what was said. I'll probaby call the essay, 'Gun Control Advocates Should Go to Prison' or something.
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