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Posted: 9/30/2004 2:11:16 PM EDT
Word was running around the blogosphere that the Globe was going to run a story citing an expert who was going to say the CBS memos are real. The expert being Dr. David Hailey at Utah State. His report is here: imrl.usu.edu/bush_memo_study/

Aw, but it turns out that Dr. Hailey forged his own. You have to see this. Really, go to this link: wizbangblog.com/archives/003851.php. The good doctor photoshopped in the now famous "th" to match up. He even left the "in progress" photoshop on a publically accesable server.

The guy at Wizbang has now downloaded Dr. Hailey's entire website, and contacted his boss about charges of academic fraud. They also, thanks to the internet and the guys at www.allahpundit.com apparently, discovered Dr. Hailey has donated $250 to the Kerry Campaign.

Other good linkes: littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=12909_David_Haileys_Analysis_is_a_Fraud

The Boston Globe is apparently backing away from the story. $5 says Dr. Hailey is toast.

Also, the Texas Rangers, at the request of the Texas AG, are now launching a criminal investigation into the memos. That's also on LGF.

Score another one for the internet!
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