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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/21/2002 1:35:35 PM EST
If they could bring this guy to trial for a crime committed back in 1963, howbout bringing his hero from the www.blackvoices.com message board to trial? here's the url http://theblackwall.blackvoices.com/ti-rant/messages?msg=8349.16 here's the post
From: MrMann11 Oct-10 7:32 am To: NappyRhino (16 of 236) 8349.16 in reply to 8349.8 You know that is always a possility when you alienate youself to serve aliens. Tell me where in my post did I say I ever randomly beat down white folks? I may or may not have, but you are operating on assumtion my friend. I have not committed any act of violence towards a black person since I was 19 years old and was indoctrainated in to the BAL by real black GIs where I took an oath never to do harm to a black person except and only except in self defense. I have since had several beefs with black peeps, but I honored my oath. However, I must admit I am not bound by any such oath with white folks. With them it's open game. I have been arrested several times for doing grieveious bodily harm to them. I have been convicted for few also. There are dozens of incident contributed to yours truly where I fucked some red necks and business people up.My most notable incident was whipping the Tour Sup and Supervisors ass at Donruss Gum Company, when I was in college. I truly enjoy beating them with a folded metal chair. Didn't do a day because I had witnesses that the Tour Sup. grabbed me and the Supervisor hit me in the back of the head. All becasue I told them their daughters were probably somewhere getting gang fucked by a pack of dogs. Nonetheless it was they that rode to the hospitol not I. Yes, I know those are fighting words and that was my last statment to them before I was attacked. It went like this, "You know what? If you said some shit like that to me I'd kick the shit out of you"! They tried and got faded. [red] My crowning achievment was in March of 1968 during the civil unrest that would eventuality lead to MLK being murdered. The city was on lock down/curfew after riots had broken out during a march to help the sanitation workers. A curfew was set for 6:00 p.m. and of course us young miscreants said fuck that, it's payback time. Willie, my main guy and I were throwing Alley Apples at any moving public vehicle. He would stand behind a tree at the corner of Parkway and I stand about 20 yards bach on a side street. When he would spot a police car, they were cruisin like Billy Bad Ass, he'd whistle. When I saw the lights I'd hum an alley apple, that's a half a brick, and try to time it just right. I missed a lot of the times, but this time it all converged just right. Hit that police car in the front passenger window that was rolled down and knocked the shit of this cop sitting there.[/red] Oh baby were they pissed. They must have put out an all call, helicoptors about 20 cars and an ambulance. We were hiding in a garage scrared and giggling our ass off. I got my ass whipped for coming in at 3:00 a.m., but it was worth it! Mann - never sorry for shit I say or do!
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Does that count as a confession?
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