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Posted: 4/22/2016 2:35:39 PM EDT
Same-day delivery: it's the one big boon of shopping at Amazon that competes with the immediacy of in-store buying — at least for cities where the option is available.

But a Bloomberg analysis of Amazon's same-day service in six cities shows the service leaves out ZIP codes that are predominantly black. The cities that reflect this disparity include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Washington and Dallas.

The report notes that "whiter" areas are more likely to have better supermarkets and stores, which can make delivery a good alternative for some consumers in those neighborhoods.

In New York, Bloomberg found that while same-day delivery is an option in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island, it isn't available in the Bronx and some Queens neighborhoods that have a black majority.

Amazon, which makes same-day delivery available to Prime members who pay $99 per year for membership and live in applicable service areas, recently expanded its same-day service to central New Jersey.

The report says Amazon does not consider race or the ethnic makeup of a neighborhood when making service decisions.
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Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:37:19 PM EDT
I am sure those minority neighborhoods they are excluding are wealthy

Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:37:38 PM EDT
White privilege now includes same day service, supplies are limited so act fast. White privilege delivery service not available in all areas, or to all races. Offer not valid for employees or the families of employees of Amazon Holdings, or it's subsidiaries.
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:38:37 PM EDT
Huh, imagine that. People that can afford to pay for premium services tend to not live in shitty neighborhoods.
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:38:52 PM EDT
I wonder how much business they get from these blighted areas?
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:39:22 PM EDT
Id like to see their analysis of how many online orders even come from those same zipcodes that they are excluding fom same day service.
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:39:45 PM EDT
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I wonder how much business they get from these blighted areas?
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This. Maybe there are few Prime subscriptions in those areas.
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:40:17 PM EDT
Yes, because very impoverished and low income areas order overnight shipping at an additional fee
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:41:09 PM EDT
It is common knowledge that being poor costs more money.
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:41:43 PM EDT
Bloomberg News: Amazon same-day delivery excludes some minority neighborhoods
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Meh, takes awhile to trek across a food desert.
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:41:54 PM EDT
slippage risk management?

Sucks to live amongst the criminal class

improved yourself and move if it  makes your
life so fucking difficult

Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:44:21 PM EDT
They can't order with EBT anyway can they?
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:48:17 PM EDT
Maybe because the percentage of homes in the ghetto that have Prime are between nil and fuckall
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:53:48 PM EDT
I'm in one of the areas with same day delivery, so far I've only found two items that had it available
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:53:59 PM EDT
I love Amazon 2hr. service. Its' fucking awesome, and horrible for me since I can impulse buy literally anything now
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:58:00 PM EDT
How many people living in those neighborhoods even have a credit card?  Or a bank account?
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 2:59:36 PM EDT
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How many people living in those neighborhoods even have a credit card?  Or a bank account?
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That's because the racist banks refuse to give such things to people with no money.

Money is racist.
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 3:01:36 PM EDT
Oh fuck me, I am so sick of this shit.
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 3:02:00 PM EDT
Detroit being absent from the list is proof this isn't racially motivated.
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 3:03:49 PM EDT
The Firesign Theatre called it in 1970 on their album Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers:

"Offer not good after curfew in Sectors R or N."
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 3:08:12 PM EDT
I'll bet you someone will sue, then Amazon will discontinue the service for everyone.
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 3:11:43 PM EDT

I dont give a shit.
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 3:14:45 PM EDT
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Oh fuck me, I am so sick of this shit.
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I keep thinking this more and more lately
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 3:17:15 PM EDT
They just steal honest folks packages,no need for next day delivery when its free
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 3:19:45 PM EDT
Because White neighborhoods don't burn down the grocery store?
Link Posted: 4/22/2016 3:44:38 PM EDT
Maybe Amazon only offers "same day" in areas with LOW crime rates to avoid the delivery driver being "Held Up" and the "Orderer" from asking for a refund because his $10,000 in electronics didn't get to him.

Step 1, Order a shit ton of expensive shit via a Credit Card for same-day delivery.

Step 2, Wait for the driver to show up.

Step 3, Rob driver.

Step 4, Call Amazon, complain order didn't arrive, demand refund.

Step 5, Nothing the fuck happens to you.

Amazon sees this coming and says "Sorry, nope." and the FEELS go "RACIST!".
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