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Posted: 4/21/2016 8:49:26 PM EDT


The bill extends the amount of time that a Delaware gun buyer might have to wait for a background check to be done from three days to 30 days.

“To me, this is a no-brainer bill,” said House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst. She added that lawmakers have an obligation to protect public safety, and that only one gun in the wrong hands can have drastic consequences.

“It’s a public safety issue,” said Longhurst.
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Link Posted: 4/21/2016 8:51:28 PM EDT
It will never end
Link Posted: 4/21/2016 8:52:59 PM EDT
"A no-brainer". Yeah, someone with no brains would want to pass this crap...
Link Posted: 4/21/2016 9:00:51 PM EDT
Ohhhh hell no......fuck that fucking cunt!
Link Posted: 4/21/2016 9:05:51 PM EDT
Are they fucking serious?
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