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Posted: 5/3/2009 8:35:54 AM EDT
Local conservatives are spreading the word to stop Ayers from being honored the Kiwanis event being held at a city owned facility.

May 12 the Elgin chapter of Kiwanis have secured the service of unrepentant radial Bill Ayers as a luncheon speaker.  

Many of us have called or emailed both the Elgin Kiwanis as well as the international headquarters to voice our complaints and  concerns.  The international Kiwanis brush it off by stating they are not responsible for the individual operation of the local chapters.  When the local chapter in Elgin is called they simply hang up.

Police Chiefs office:  womack_l@cityofelgin.org

City Managers office:  roder_n@cityofelgin.org

Highland Club manager: lehman_m@cityofelgin.org

Link Posted: 5/3/2009 8:37:06 AM EDT
Subject: re: Wm. Ayers speaking at the Highlands Golf Club
To: vogt i@cityofelgin.com
Date: Friday, May 1, 2009, 9:55 AM

I, and many, many others feel strongly that it is in extremely poor taste that a man of Wm Ayers ilk is being offered and allowed an opportunity to speak (by invitation by the Kiwanis Club), and especially so at a publically owned facility.  From the tones of the hundreds of e-mails over the past couple of days about this event, it appears that there are many members of various local activist groups are highly indignant and angry about this issue...even though they are keenly aware of the right of free speech.  It is simply because Ayers is totally admitted and unrepentent ex Weatherman, responsible, in part, for the killings of police officers in cities across the United States.  Many in the groups I am alluding to want to protest at the facility on the day that Ayers is to speak because they feel so strongly about this issue.  Attached is a copy/paste of one of the articles sent to me.  Pay particular attention to the comment he made at the end.  While this indeed happen many years ago, there has never been a mention (or action) of any remorse for any of the actions he was involved in.


Please note the following excerpt:

"However, we will encapsulate and briefly expand upon that issue here. San Francisco Police Sgt. Brian V. McDonnell was murdered by a bomb planted at the police station on February 16, 1970. Officer Robert Fogarty was permanently maimed and Officers Ron Martin, Al Arnaud, Robert O'Sullivan, and Frank Rath were also injured. According to Larry Grathwohl, "Billy Ayers" (as he was known in the WUO) told him he had planned the bombing and Bernadine Dohrn had actually planted the bomb. The bomb, like other WUO explosives, was an anti-personnel bomb, packed with nails, staples and other shrapnel, with the intention of killing and wounding people.

The same month, Grathwohl testifies, Ayers gave instructions for similar bombings in Detroit at the Detroit Police Officers' Association (DPOA) building and the 13th Precinct station. When Grathwohl argued with Ayers that the DPOA blast would also hit an African-American restaurant next door, killing innocent black civilians, Ayers coldly replied: "Innocent people have to die in a revolution." If Grathwohl hadn't foiled the bombings by informing police of the plot, many police and civilians would have been killed and injured.

On March 6, 1970, a townhouse in New York City's Greenwich Village exploded, killing three WUO terrorists who were making bombs they intended to place at a dance hall at the Ft. Dix U.S. Army base. They were anti-personnel bombs and fire bombs; if they had gone off as intended they could have killed hundreds of soldiers and their dates. The WUO terrorists accidentally killed by their own bombs were Ted Gold, Terry Robbins, and Diana Oughton. Oughton was Billy Ayers' girlfriend and Robbins was his best friend."

After Mr. Ayers trial, where he was outrageously set free due to illegal wiretapping, Mr Ayers did not make a statement of remorse for the anguish he caused so many, no Sir, he made the statment "Guilty as hell, free as a bird, America is a great country."

What more proof do you need by this man accused of murder and mayhem, than his own words stating his guilt?

Thank you for considering not being the meeting place for this sordid event.

Joe Miller
Co-coordinator, Tea Party Patriots
Link Posted: 5/3/2009 8:40:19 AM EDT
In Regards to Ayers in Elgin :

The is a phone numberKiwanis Club is (847-697-2120) -

They needs to be slammed with calls as well as the Highland Golf Course letting them know they have an unrepentant Domestic Terrorist speaking in their banquet hall.

Highlands Golf Course

Elgin, IL   60120-5570
Phone: 847-931-5950
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