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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/9/2006 9:56:11 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 6:05:22 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 6:18:52 PM EST
There is a seat on the post right?
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 6:34:28 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/10/2006 3:37:20 AM EST
This is why I ride on rollers throughout the winter...

The first few times out, your 'sit bones' get toned up to support your body weight. It is not bruising.
Link Posted: 3/10/2006 11:55:18 AM EST
I am not sure if it's really a muscle build up thing. Therefore I do not know if there is any particular exersises to isolate and strengthen that area other than seat time. This is something I expereienced when transitioning between road bikes and mountain bikes.

Good luck.

Link Posted: 3/10/2006 12:10:58 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/10/2006 12:13:04 PM EST by DevL]
Were you riding on Brokeback Mountain with your mountain bike? That could be the cause...
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 3:21:25 PM EST
I am not looking forward to the way my legs and rear will feel when I hop back on my bike in a couple of weeks.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 3:29:38 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 4:05:56 PM EST
Get a Gel seat, not a Gel cover. Some of the newer seats are redesigned to prevent sterility, and are more comfortable. Padded shorts help too. Give it a week, it will be fine.
Link Posted: 3/22/2006 7:21:01 AM EST
'Performance' seats are not designed to be comfortable, just lightweight.

If you're finding that your seat is uncomfortable, you have two options:

1) By a more comfortable seat.

2) By cycling shorts. (They now even come in 'baggy / surf' style so you don't have to look teh ghey while riding with tight shorts)
Link Posted: 3/22/2006 4:19:47 PM EST
It's normal and you can swap seats out all day long but if you spend any time in the saddle after being off the bike for a while nothing, except more riding, is going to help. Shorts are a must but more importantly make sure your seat height is adjusted properly. If you don't know how to determine this find a bike shop to help you out. I had no problem selling gel seats at $50+ a pop but 95% of the time when someone came in the shop complaining about their taint hurting properly adjusting their seat height made all the difference in the world.
Link Posted: 3/25/2006 12:04:24 AM EST
Don't buy a cushy gel seat or seat cover.

Do buy a decent pair of cycling shorts with a chamois. Baggies are acceptable for a mountain bike.

Do buy a decent saddle if the cycling shorts don't help.

Soreness is normal for the first few rides after a long layoff.

Soft, cushy seats are bad because your bodyweight will displace the gel from the load-bearing portion of your body and force it against softer spots. A good saddle should be firm against the bony part of your butt and support your body weight on these spots.

A rough formula for seat height is to multiply your inseam length by .883. That number should be the distance from the center of the bottom bracker to the midpoint of your saddle.
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