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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/19/2002 3:53:31 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/19/2002 4:02:52 PM EST
I like Stewart Smith's work. Try his Navy SEAL Fitness book and video. No weights, no machines. Running, swimming and circuit exercises. About the only things you need are a chin up bar, running shoes, swim fins and access to a body of water.
Link Posted: 1/20/2002 4:51:25 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/20/2002 5:26:41 AM EST
This ought to give you a good workout... [img]http://www.collagevideo.com/cart/ItemCover/2910.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 1/20/2002 5:29:46 AM EST
Yuk! I didn't need to see that in the morning. So you suggest getting a workout by throwing your TV out the window?
Link Posted: 1/20/2002 10:46:51 AM EST
Best workout video? Any good lesbian porno flick.
Link Posted: 1/20/2002 10:49:49 AM EST
Originally Posted By BobCole: Best workout video? Any good lesbian porno flick.
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Someone always beats me to the punch!
Link Posted: 1/20/2002 11:01:48 AM EST
I believe there's a video called "8 Minute Buns". 'Course, in my case it's more like 2 minutes, 'specially if she's cute. [;)]
Link Posted: 1/20/2002 11:32:21 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/20/2002 12:26:30 PM EST
Originally Posted By MRW: c'mon you horny couch potatoes! Should I go out on a limb and assume that this board is made up of a bunch of lard a$$ wannabes who have money for gear but no discipline for how to effectively use it? You'll watch BHD and cheer, but couldn't hump that gear for five minutes in the shade? Those of you who don't fit that category tell me how you stay out of it!
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Lighten up Francis. Just go watch Full Metal Jacket and see what happens if you take working out too seriously. "You are a disgusting fatbody!" I'm going to sit here and eat this jelly doughnut while you do push ups for me.
Link Posted: 1/20/2002 12:43:27 PM EST
Richard Simmons' "Sweatin' to the Oldies"
Link Posted: 1/20/2002 2:30:09 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/20/2002 2:39:54 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/20/2002 2:41:02 PM EST by 50cali]
Now I feel bad. Have you maybe tried the "Delta Press?" They've got videos but I can't vouch for the quality. Maybe just get an excercise bike so you can be active even when you're sitting in front of the boob tube. Alternatively, if you want a real military workout, you can always go enlist...or join the reserves or something. Remember "Stripes" with John Candy? "I'm going to come out of this place a lean, mean, fighting machine!" PS-My girlfriend swears by "Tae Bo" but I wouldn't invite your friends over for any sessions.
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 3:37:59 AM EST
"Best of Jenny McCarthy" and "Playmates of the year" also works well.
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 6:50:43 AM EST
you mean lesbos actually make movies? are they skanky?
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Skanky? Not the ones I rent/watch!!!! Does this mean I now qualify for NOW membership? >gg<
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