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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/1/2002 12:29:12 PM EST
Howdy You guys here seem to keep up on the lastest devices. I just agreed to run a job 300 miles from my home and need every advantage when I drive back and forth for a weekend home. I have never owned a radar detector but I do know they went thru many stages of development. Thanks (when I get a ticket the)madman
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 12:35:42 PM EST
The problem with radar detectors these days is that Radar is now "direct line" radar... SO!! If you "detect" the narrow radar beam, it's already read your speed... Save your money for the tickets...
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 12:41:54 PM EST
This reminds me of a friend of mine about 15 years when the radar detectors were out, then the radar got up graded to instant on, I think that he got 3 tickets in as many months. My best advice is to stick to going only 5 mph over the speed limit at the max and do not speed thru any construction zones. The more you speed the more likely that you are going to get caught. Badredfish [devil]
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 12:43:59 PM EST
I have and rely on my Escort - Passport 8500. The only better detector could possibly be the Valentine One. Of course, you still have to keep your eyes open and watch the other traffic for signs of speed traps. It doesn't replace observation, but it definitely enhances it. I had a BEL(top of the line model) that wasn’t to shabby either. Hope this helps. ByteTheBullet (-:
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 12:45:13 PM EST
[url]http://www.valentine1.com/[/url] This is what I have. The arrows make it very easy to tell where the radar is around you. Recommended
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 12:50:10 PM EST
Before everything got so congested here in downstate New York I used to use a Beltronics Radar Detector, but there was only one problem. Unless the pig is using the oldest radio set, and keeps it on permanantly, all your radar detector will do is tell you when you have been caught. I did a lot of research into these things, and here is the problem. You need one with full radio wave spectrum, which I think is K, Ka, and Wa. If the cops leave them on, any radar detector will pick them up before you get into range. But one problem, you will get 500 false alarms for every real one. If the cops are using instant on sets, and/or laser, and/or aerial vascar, you have got a problem and most detectors GIVE YOU NO PROTECTION AGAINST THESE THREATS. Instant on is where the cop is hidden, sees you going faster than the surrounding traffic (or simply scans everything going by) and turns the set on and scans you a 1/2 second later, sometimes even taking your picture in the process. Nee Jersey uses this exclusively. I know I got busted there with my 125$ POS in the window. Now, the only radar detector that can help you in such a situation is the most sensitive thing you can buy. the only company that picks that up is the Passport Series of Radar Detectors. You can find them on the internet. They are not sold generally in stores, but you will find that the real lead foots all use them. Passports aslo point to the source of the transmission. ( IMHO, Bells, and the other ones they sell in places like the Wiz do nothing, they worked great 10 15 years ago, but not anymore, the tek is to much for them.) Get the most expensive one you can find, OR, have the $1000 one installed in the car. Then they put the sensors in the grill of the car and the window does not affect signal transmission. What happens is, you must obey a cardinal rule of speeding, adn that is keep a car ahead of you at all times. Because then that car will trip any instant on set, and if you have a good machine it will pick it up miles away and you will know to slow down. Laser is the same way. The problem with laser is that it can be used on you when you are over a mile away. You need a car in front of you to get fired on by the machine first. Passports have front and rear laser detection. Dont know why they have rear laser detection, cause if that goes off you is busted. Just some pointers from a lead foot - 1) dont speed in a flashy or sports car, you will get pulled over MUCH MUCH faster. Have personal experience with this one. 2) A radar detector is only ONE piece of an entire speeding setup. Belive me, maintaining good daytime scans, learning to identify the headlights of cop cars for nightime recogntiion, always slowing down when there is a disabled vehicle or construction around, slowing down around overpasses and blind curves, etc. Is as effective as any metal detector. 3) Dont blow by mom in a minivan at 125. that way she dont dial 911 on the cell and report you. 4) IF GOING TO BE PULLED OVER, HIDE THE RADAR DETECTOR AND CORDS, etc. If the man sees you with it, you sunk. 5) if the lights go on, pull over quickly and well off the road, keep your hands on the wheel, keep him calm, always say youll plead guilty to some lessor offense that is not a moving violation, if you get ticketed, always ask for discvoery/supporting deposition. If you dont get it, get the case dimissed, if you do get it, work out a deal before you go to Judge. etc. 6) Make sure your Glock 21 and .50 Barret aint loaded on the backseat. Cheers.
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 12:51:57 PM EST
Set your speed at 5 mph over the limit and then sit back and forget about it. You'll get there at about the same time. I threw my radar detectors away.
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 12:53:53 PM EST
I have had a BEL for years (first got it when I lived in the UK, to dodge all the photo-radar nazis). Its saved me A LOT of tickets. Although a detector is of no benefit when you are being directly "lit up" (oooops... too late), a good detector will usually pick up scatter from a considerable distance. As I drive mostly in an urban setting, the traffic density means that the cops are usually checking the speed of cars ahead of me and so I can pick up this scatter. If you route takes you down roads that have little traffic, then a detector may be a lot less useful. Your call.
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 1:23:30 PM EST
If your state allows it, get a radar detector and jammer. This detects the incomming signal then sends out a noise bounce. The detector still works with instant-on, and is indicated on the readout. The cop should be scanning cars in front of you, so react to the warning.
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 1:42:03 PM EST
Originally Posted By badredfish: The more you speed the more likely that you are going to get caught. Badredfish [devil]
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Brilliant! Absolutely BRILLIANT!!
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 2:07:52 PM EST
Try spray painting your car like the local HP and get some lights from sportsmansguide on the net and then just turn on the lights and blast down the highway, hopefully they'll think you're one of them and leave you alone. worth a shot. or try a valentine 1. I don't have one but I've read some reviews of them that were very complementary. crash.
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 2:10:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 2:20:20 PM EST
I wrote three tickets yesterday to peeps with radar detectors. My 10 year old radar (instant on) cost less than their radar detectors. Two of them would of probably got warnings....but if you are going to play the game.....I won.
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 3:00:10 PM EST
Originally Posted By OKLA-LAWMAN: but if you are going to play the game.....I won.
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Link Posted: 9/1/2002 3:06:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 7:26:42 PM EST
OKLA-LAWMAN I got stopped by Texas DPS one night running about 10 over. I forgot to turn the detector off and as I was sitting in the car the Trooper ask what that was flashing on the sunvisor. I told him it was a radar detector. He said "so your a professional speeder huh." I said no sir, its just there to tell me where the revenue enhancers are working. He looked at me,shook his head, wrote me a warning ticket and let me go. Never knew if he felt sorry for me or ashamed of himself.[:)]
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 7:41:39 PM EST
Dsafals, just a note, anyone who requests a supporting deposition from me, doesn't get the same break. If you tell me on the road side, your sorry, and honestly mean it, ask if I could help with a reduction, I will usually do it, but tell them, no sup. dep. If someone requests it, you less likely to get a break. Cops don't like any additional paperwork. Oh and even if they request one, I still win in court if I forgot to do it. So many loop holes for the criminals, and for the cops too. You made some good points about keeping a car in front of you, etc. A big one is watch peoples brake lights, most people don't just brake on the highway for no reason, safe to assume there are cops ahead. And calling us pigs, sure doesn't help. We are doing a job just like everyone else, it's not our fault your speeding. Show some respect if stop, that will go a long way.
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 8:00:16 PM EST
The best advice is to just slow down a little. I have written numerous tickets to people with radar detectors. One time I stopped a guy in a BMW, I told him he was speeding, he asked me how I knew he was speeding. I told him that I had checked his speed on radar. He got upset and said how did you do that, That his radar detector didn't go off (a Valentine 1 by the way). I told him that not only did I use radar, but that my radar was transmitting while I was standing there talking to him. So in other words his equipment was not working right, but my car was 10 feet behind him with radar on and his 400.00 detector was not detecting. He got a warning, not because I felt sorry for him but because he was not going that fast, we do stop people just to write warnings. That was probably the case in Gopher's situation. 10 mph over is not that big a deal when somone else is driving 30 over.
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 8:05:04 PM EST
Originally Posted By Chaingun: If your state allows it, get a radar detector and jammer. This detects the incomming signal then sends out a noise bounce. The detector still works with instant-on, and is indicated on the readout. The cop should be scanning cars in front of you, so react to the warning.
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don't get fooled by the "jammers" they dont work, they claim they work and will pay your first ticket if they dont, the average cost fo a jammer is upwards of $400... just what the hell do you have to do to get a $400-$500 fine for speeding? average speeding is 50-150. I use a radardetector that is hidden away. you cannot see it unless your IN the car. its above the visor on the passenger side, with the wire run inside the dash, a-pillar and headliner. and out near the detectors poisition in my T-top firebird. plus when i turn my car off it loses power because its only powered by the ignition being un the "Run" position. also i have a hidden switch i can actuate with my foot to kill the radar detector if i want to leave the car on.
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 8:23:12 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 8:34:51 PM EST
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Link Posted: 9/1/2002 9:06:06 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/1/2002 9:07:21 PM EST by Green_Furniture]
HA HA HA HA HA! I think some of you need to apply to Letterman. I hear he needs some new comedy writers. As for which detector, I have used the Escort "Solo" since the first version came out nearly 10 or 12 years ago. The current model, as the previous four I have owned, has never let me down. The Valentine One is a nice detector, but it lacks the ability to quickly factor out false impulses making you flash your brake lights far too much giving "Mr. Kansas City Lawdog*" the big "10-4" that you know you're speeding. Captures all bands and laser, has anti-falsing circuitry and is cordless so switching between cars is a breeze. Trust me, if anyone was going to get nailed by just starting his car(s) it would be me. Cops see my 'flashy' sportscars coming and they lick their chops. And.....I disappoint them daily with my Solo. *Ike Clanton, Tombstone
Link Posted: 9/1/2002 9:06:58 PM EST
Jake75 - You sound like upstate Law Enforcment. Interesting points you made. My supporting deposition comment refers to moving violations issued by the NY State Police in downstate New York. There is a box on the back of the ticket which you can check off and it says "Supporting deposition requested" The catch is you have to mail this out within 72 hours of the ticket in order for the discovery demand to be effective. At least on Long Island, if the cop does not provide it in advance of the trial, the case is dimissed so long as the defendant requests it. The request somewhat runs along these lines "I request the case be dismissed for the State's failure to provide discovery. I sent my request for supporting deposition by certififed mail and as of today I have received no response, I could not prepare for trial dismiss this case". Down here that works every time, although teh DA tries to get you to please guilty to a lessor offense. The DA is a sheister because you can get it dismissed in most cases solely on that basis. It sounds like Upstate goes by a different set of rules. In terms of being contrite when pulled over for speeding, I must say that I am apologetic and do not refer to LEO's as pigs, I must say that no one (cop) ever disrespected me, copped an attitude, or otherwise fucked with me in a roadside stop. The one altercation I had with the cops had to do with a female cop in NYC who, at a fixed checkpoint stop at 1:00 pm during the day asked me where I was going and I replied "None of your goddamn business, why are you holding up traffic like this, its one o clock in the fucking afternoon on a weekday." Answer "License registration and insurance ID card please" "OK here it is" "No you go drive wait over there in that parking lot and wait for me" "Why do I have to wait over there my papers are right here" "Cause I said so" "Why are you being a fucking cunt?" "How would you like to be arrested?" "Arrested on what, take that bullshit somewhere else fat ass." "Get the fuck over there NOW!" (By this time some male cops came over and said they were going to take my car apart. I was real threatened that they would take my 1984 Dodge Aries with a leaking cylinder Apart LOL) DSAFALS, drives into the McDonalds or Popeye's or some fast foodparking lot and sits for 10 minutes and then the cunt comes back and runs my paperwork through the computer, which I did not know at the time was actually illegal. Cop chick comes back "Here" "What do you mean officer, no goodbyes" "Get out of here" "I hope you still respect me in the morning" And I drove away with middle finger held high. One other point about jammers. If a jammer is sold as a complete unit, it is ineffective. Any active jamming equipment which is effective is regulated or otherwise banned by the FCC. It does not matter is a state does not forbid the purchase or use of a jammer, federal regs prohibit a real jammer from being sold. You can buy the plans and componants of a real active jammer, but you face 25,000 dollar fines if caught and prosecuted for using them. It is actually a federal crime. Also, a real jammer uses an incredible amount of electricity, sometimes necessitating its own electrical battery and wiring in a car. The result however is that any non laser radar within miles get seriously fucked up. In fact, most radars need recalibration when they go back to the precint house. This is due to the fact that the receptors on the radar gun have been overloaded and scrambles on account of. Also, I think that some cop radar guns have jammer alerts on them, so that they may not be able to read your speed, but they will know tha you have a bigtime illegal jammer. Also, Laser jammers also exist although I am not sure of the legalty of them. Just like an Apache attack helicopter has a device known as the disco ball to jam incoming laser guided weapons, you can buy or build the same that shoots at all kinds of laser beams to screw up a laser gun. However I have no personal knowlegde of these things working the way that an illegally built and used radar jammer works. Other products that dont work: radar deflecting sprays for the outside of autos. Devices that act as passive jammers. Laser/radar absorbing 'bras' that go on the front of cars. Other products that do work in limited applications. Laser absorbing, or reflecting, shileds over license plates. A good one will run you $200.00 and the copes aim for the license plate as they are made to reflect the beams, they will not get a reading with a good shield on them. Also there are certain license plate covers that prevent photo radar from actually getting a picture of your license plate. These are legal to buy but may not be legal to own. Just my 2 cents worth. Fals!
Link Posted: 9/2/2002 6:46:24 AM EST
DSAFALS, Your correct, I am upstate. Your right about the sup dep. request. Just something we use upstate, we don't like to do extra paperwork. If I write a ticket and someone has a clean record, I will reduce the ticket to a non-moving violation, provided they don't request a sup dep and they are respectful. Many people have had run ins with a cop here or there. There are some out there who have a chip on their shoulder, I am in the field and have encountered it a couple of times. I of course am in a different position and give it right back to them. Something I don't recommend, as it will hurt later when trying to get a reduction. On the plate covers, I know some stated including NY, you can't have anything covering your license plates. I guess the thing is keep the speed to a reasonable level and most people won't give you a hard time. Some cops write for 8 to 10 over, me I give you 15 if traffic is light. Don't speed and avoid it all together, but we know most people speed. DSAFALS, I appreciate your response being respectful. I have been blasted a few times for being a cop, but I respect your courteousness. Thanks. Happy driving all.
Link Posted: 9/2/2002 7:14:34 AM EST
Originally Posted By Gopher: OKLA-LAWMAN I got stopped by Texas DPS one night running about 10 over. I forgot to turn the detector off and as I was sitting in the car the Trooper ask what that was flashing on the sunvisor. I told him it was a radar detector. He said "so your a professional speeder huh." I said no sir, its just there to tell me where the revenue enhancers are working. He looked at me,shook his head, wrote me a warning ticket and let me go. Never knew if he felt sorry for me or ashamed of himself.[:)]
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My dept gets less than 3 dollars per ticket.. it costs more to process them. Not much revenue there...it is a money looser. In lives though, while the rest of the state accidents went up 25 percent ours dropped 10 percent. For every 20 miles an hour you go faster the kinectic energy of your vehicle roughly doubles, ad does the stopping distance and impact speed (read more death and injury). I personal wish the speed limits were 80 on interstates but very aggressive enforcement for those lane hogs driving in the fast lane.
Link Posted: 9/2/2002 7:58:27 AM EST
Radar detectors are fun and probably help, but I rely on my CB radio far more. I don't know how friendly and "buddy-buddy" folks in your state are, but here in Arkansas it is almost a sacred duty to get on the CB and warn everybody ANYTIME you see a law enforcement vehicle. I have avoided many, many tickets by listening to channel 19. You hear the warning from somebody, radar detector goes off a few minutes later, voila! The only ones you don't warn about are the ones parked at Waffle House smoking. [smoke] We doesen't have none of them thar Dunkin Donuts in these here parts, or they'd be thar instead.
Link Posted: 9/2/2002 8:03:53 AM EST
Okla Lawman, you may think you won, but please remember, you're just a tax collector with a gun. TXLEWIS And p.s. guys, never drive faster than your car can go.
Link Posted: 9/2/2002 8:56:02 AM EST
Originally Posted By DarkFuture: [url]http://www.valentine1.com/[/url] This is what I have. The arrows make it very easy to tell where the radar is around you. Recommended
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I borrowed my buddy's Valentine for a long trip, and it lived up to its reputation as the best radar detector EVER MADE. Not only did it tell me that radar was present, the arrows accurately pointed to the source and even pointed right to the cop as we passed his location. Very nice, but expensive.
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