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Posted: 8/9/2001 6:13:59 PM EDT
Anyone familiar with these? I don't know which model it is, just that it's a .380. My brother wants to get one for his wife. Does anybody have any info on these things? TIA.
Link Posted: 8/9/2001 6:28:12 PM EDT
It is the Bersa Thunder 380, I have one and love the little thing. For around $200 you cant beat the price. I have fired around 800 rounds through mine with no malfunctions, it is accurate enough for a carry gun which is what I use mine for. If you are looking for a cheap relible light whight carry gun then I would recomend this gun. But alot of people will say get the Waltther and thats up to you I love my Bersa for waht it is a $200 carry gun that I would trust my life to. SCAR
Link Posted: 8/9/2001 6:28:54 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/9/2001 6:26:09 PM EDT by Sukebe]
I test fired one that a buddy had. Satin nickel slide with aluminum frame. Funtioned fine with several different loads. Good accuracy, rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. The decocker/safty was a bit sticky but it seemed to loosen up some with use. It feels good in the hand and is a super value. It's a bit larger than the Walther. I think I would put it a little above the Makarov as far as quality and it's a bit lighter. Also breaks down and goes back together easy.
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 4:55:20 AM EDT
I had one in .380 a long time ago. Got rid of it because it jammed with just about every clip I tried to fire through it.
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 5:44:19 AM EDT
I had the Thunder 380 as well and liked it a lot. I would buy another. For the money they are hard to beat!
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 6:30:59 AM EDT
my brother-in-law loves .380 he has a walther, a bersa thunder and a firestorm...they all look and feel about the same and are good pistols the bersa and the firestorm were a lot cheaper than the walthr.
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 4:47:08 PM EDT
Thanks for the info. He bought it, $185 nib. He says it looks well made and has nice finish. Will range test this weekend, see how it goes.
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