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10/30/2020 2:42:12 PM
Posted: 12/20/2003 5:19:05 PM EDT
Thinking about getting a Beretta Vertec 96 for patrol/tac ops use.  Anyone know know of any departments that issue the Vertec.  How about any officers using them?  Pros/ Cons?
I am thinking of going with the Safariland 6280 duty holster fo rthe Vertec with the M-3 attached.

Thanks for your help
Link Posted: 12/20/2003 7:00:29 PM EDT
Fresno PD in California is starting to buy them. I have not talked to any of the guys who have gotten them to know how they like them. I know I like them better than my issued 96.
Link Posted: 12/26/2003 3:26:21 PM EDT
My department began issuing the 96D about 12 years ago (likely the first in Arkansas to standardize on the 40S&W). This past summer we began issuing the Vertec to replace the oldest lot of guns. I was able to buy my old 96D,luckily. Before I'd always used the 295 holsters on both nylon and leather rigs, but because Safariland didn't offer the 296 for the Vertec, I had to settle for the 6280. I hate the swivel hood on this model, but I'm learning to live with it. Some of our guys have bought the holster that accommodates the M3 light, but that's one big slab of plastic on their hips (it looks huge). I don't have any first hand experience as to whether or not it gets in the way when seated in a car. As for the gun, I have a very favorable opinion of it so far.
Good luck and stay safe, Mike
Link Posted: 12/29/2003 6:32:37 PM EDT
We issue the 92G Vertec and have had no problems.

There are departments that issue the 96 Vertec and have had all kinds of problems. One department had so many problems that they went back to carrying their old 96F models before they were traded, until Beretta can solve the problems with the new pistols.
Link Posted: 1/1/2004 3:34:17 PM EDT
Can you give me the department name so I can contact them and find out what the problem was.
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