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Posted: 5/11/2004 6:27:49 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/11/2004 6:28:26 PM EST by kells81]
What the fuck!! I seen it at noon today, I know there is another topic on this, But I saw the story on CNN at noon! NOT ANOTHER FUCKING THING ABOUT IT ALL DAY LONG! Still see horse shit on the prisoner abuse but nothing about this guy who went over to help! He was not a soldier he was a poor 26yr old man who was over there to lend a hand! Sure he knew the danger. This is a stunt on their part becuase they know there is a bunch of Pussies in the US. They think that their little stunt will help them, and it prolly will because americans are weak. If we killed every single Iraqi prisoner on the spot maybe that would help!

the video if you have not seen it!

Go see it, It is disturbing, very. I find the prisoner crap childs play. Thisd is some hardcore shit and a retaliation is needed for something on this sort!!!! I think every american should be FORCED to watch this tape to see what kinda animals we are dealing with. These people have no honor. Real soldiers have honor! these people are weak little paracites!

I am not a god fearing person but will be praying for this guys family and pray to god they dont watch the tape.

CNN Said it was to much and they would not show it anymore, I think the assholes on Rumsfeilds case are instagating that. "oh dont show that then we have nothing compared to this to try to get Rumsfield to resign!!
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 7:21:31 PM EST
My very first IBTL

The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you are already dead. And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function, without mercy, without compassion, without remorse.
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 7:22:58 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/11/2004 7:22:58 PM EST by Aimless]
look up, there is a 12 page thread about this ;)
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