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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/18/2001 2:47:12 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/18/2001 7:05:16 PM EST by Henry Bowman]
I've created a graphic that I'd like to pass around to any who are interested: [img]http://www.bowmansbrigade.com/images/smallbannedusfs.gif[/img] Anybody want to use this image on their website, you have my permission. I've put it up on my home page: [url]www.bowmansbrigade.com[/url] as the first website (that I know of) who's willing to do so. Any help in getting this up on multiple sites on the web is sincerely appreciated. Any Freepers out there (they banned me, 'cause I'm way too outspoken) get somebody to take some interest in this and get it on Free Republic for distribution. This agency is responsible for the closure of our forest and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs across America - including some of my friends. Jobs that America and Americans need. The forest are so thick here they are burning them this spring (no kidding) - but won't allow us to log or cut down last years burned trees from the major fires we had. Fires that occurred because of their terrible timber management practices, while the local communities starved for a lack of jobs (we are a timber town). I worked for this mickey mouse chicken shit outfit for several years, finally quitting as a GS-12 in complete disgust and can testify first hand how little they truly care about the communities they are supposed to serve. Don't listen to what they say, watch what they do. Their agenda is clear - stay out of the forest. This means hunters, hikers, fisherman, backpackers, loggers, miners, outdoosmen, everybody who is a red blooded American that wants to enjoy this great land. Unfortunately, it's not their land - it's OURS and we need to remind them of that fact. We should fire these bastards and kick them out of our forests and out of our states once and for all. Yesterdy was the Eureka Log Haul in Eureka, Montana. Over four thousand supporters showed up to support one of the local mills. Due to federal land practices, it is now near impossible for a small mill to stay operational. Thousands of visitors from as far away as South Dakota, Nevada and other parts unknown (the mc said one person came over 2100 miles) brought in truckloads and pickup loads of logs in support of local logging. I was there yesterday with my camera taking pictures of the thousands of supporters for the Eureka Log Haul. This was a bigger event then the Darby Log Haul of 1998. Like the Jarbridge Shovel Brigade, we must keep up our momentum to stop this rogue agency from destroying more of our American heritage. It's absurd to think that a federal agency can manage our forests from thousands of miles away - they are beholden to special interest groups and watermelon wacko's. Their unconstitutional actions must be stopped before it's too late. Get involved. If you hunt, fish, hike, bird watch, log, mine, mountain bike, horseback, camp, climb or participate in any number of activities (such as enjoying wood products like your house) then stand up and be counted against unconstitutional land practices.
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