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Posted: 1/5/2006 10:34:33 PM EDT
I think that was the funniest thing I ever saw on a TV ever. She's trying to teach him how to dance, and he's having a hard time with it. Superbowl champion Rice, the fastest thing on two legs, one tough hombre, right? Well, this Russian chick is after him to get it right and get it right NOW. He's all Hey lady, hold on a minute, I'll get it. She's not having any of his guff, she's just No, you gotta get it RIGHT!

After a while she just totally wore him out and wore him down, and he starts complaining that she's pushing him too hard. She says to him, "Vat about your vootball coaches? Vat they do wit you, feed you cookies every day?"

I couldn't help it, I just bust out laughing about as hard as I have in years. Not to mention stark raving sober to boot.

That was great. I'm sure none of you tough guys were watching the show, but just gotta say you missed the big laugh of the year.
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