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Posted: 2/16/2006 8:02:26 PM EDT
  I think we all know that women, or certain women have a thing for "bad boys". That women like bad boys is not really the purpose of this thread.

 There used to be guys that would get dressed in black turtle necks and a beret and try to act intellectual and anti establishment to get pie. Then it was tie dye and anti war with the objective of pie.

 I'm sure that there are guys getting pie by alluding to being a ALF (animal liberation front) members...

  But, what about the libs that wear the arab scarves, and wanna be al quida?
Does this mean that:

Link Posted: 2/16/2006 8:17:00 PM EDT
Chicks dig losers.  Britney Spears? Just accept it. They usually like them with long hair, tattoos, and a prison or felony record. And if they smoke and are drug addicts, that's a big plus. One of my wife's friends proved this theory.  She left her "boring" husband (To chicks like this "Boring" is defined as having short hair, a job, and no tattoos or felony convictions) To make a long story short, this once very good-looking bitch now is a meth junkie, has lost a bunch of her hair (she used to have the most beautiful hair I have ever seen)has Hepatitis and a spawn from a drug addict.

And her husband has a new girlfriend and will soon be married.  Not as good-looking as his pre-junkie wife, but she is totally devoted to him.

All because he was "boring."
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