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Posted: 10/10/2005 4:49:28 AM EDT
You have got to be kidding me

Talk about stupidity and total lack of gun discipline. We walking toward the building through the parking lot and asshole # 1 takes his rifle and starts checking it out, evenutally it gets pointed directly at us. The whole fucking parking lot and this numbnuts has to point it at me and my 14 year old son. He got the message as we quickly veered wide right. Never uttered a word of apology though.


I looked at Garands for the hell of it (I joined that Garand Collectors Club, which will fill in the last thing I needed to be able to order through the CMP) but I looked at the ones for sale anyway. 1 guy was not too bad at 550.00 but the other 6 I saw at various tables were priced from 850 on up to 1200!!!!  Some of them in very shitty condition, although maybe that is the draw..history and all. Do these guys actually think they will sell them for that price?


Anyhow, I grabbed a 75 round drum NIB for my AK and paid 75.00 I thought that was a good price?

Absolutely no decent ammo anywhere at this show either. WTF?!
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