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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/11/2002 9:03:14 AM EDT
My wife thinks wants a Gateway 400x notebook for Christmas. Yea or Nea ?
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 9:07:26 AM EDT
Need Specifications.
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 9:11:05 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/11/2002 9:11:31 AM EDT by osprey21]
Originally Posted By Belfry_Express: Need Specifications.
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DOH !... [b]Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 2.4GHz 256MB DDR SDRAM 30GB HD Integrated 16x/10x/24x CD-RW / 8X DVD Combo 15" XGA TFT Active Matrix[/b]
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 9:25:40 AM EDT
Sounds good Btw, Im not a computer expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 9:49:53 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/11/2002 9:51:01 AM EDT by DsrtEgl50]
What is the intended use? Is it for when she needs to have a computer with her, trips, flights, etc? Or more of a computer that she is going to use all the time at home and would like the option of portability? You need to assess which is more important: power (and in which areas of power) or portability, and then adjust appropriately (much like choosing a carry piece) Edited for spelling... DOh! Jonathan
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 9:50:02 AM EDT
How much is it going for? A friend of mine went with a Toshiba 5605 satelite or 5601 not sure laptop and it is pretty close to that (not as much proc but it is 3 months older) but it came with a decent video chipset not a crappy one and it also has a pretty decent sound system built in and it ran him about 2100 before taxes i would check it out.
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 9:59:28 AM EDT
That sounds like it is near the top of the performance heap at this time. It is probably not too cheap! 2.4 GHZ might be overkill for a Business type machine. I run a Dell Lattitude 1 Ghz, and it does great. Everything else sounds great. You might be able to save some money by getting a processor in the 1.2-1.8 range.
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 10:25:18 AM EDT
[b]MadProfessor;[/b] Thanks ..hope you slept well. [b]DsrtEgl50;[/b] Mostly away from the house. [b]vader17;[/b] $1499 [b]Torf;[/b] Low end for 400 series is 2.0GHZ @ $999
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 10:42:06 AM EDT
Yea, but make sure it has the connectability she wants/needs...modem, NIC etc. Scott
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 11:41:13 AM EDT
Personally, I wouldn't walk across the street for a Gateway of any kind, even if it was free. Been working in the technology field since '95 and have a collection of horror stories I could tell about Gateway's hardware and support. For the same money, you can get a darned good Dell, or check out the HP laptops. You can get a LOT of laptop for the money (that is, a pile of standard features) from HP. Not wild about some of their desktop units, but they do put out some good laptops. I guess it's kind of a Ford vs Chevy thing, but in my humble opinion, they can keep that Gateway stuff. (Then again, you can always get to the AR15.COM discussion forums on most any brand of PC) [:D] Just my 2 cents worth... By the way, if you can afford to buy the better half a laptop, you're obviously much wealthier than I, or you haven't spent enough on your weapon collection this year..... [;)]
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 11:45:01 AM EDT
Dells laptop performance supercedes all others
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 12:50:51 PM EDT
Well, FWIW, I too have heard great horror stories about Gateway...esp. the laptops. The only laptop I own is an HP Pavilion (3 outta 4 desktops are Pavilions too), and I've never had a problem with it( or them ) except for it coming with Win ME. I've only been working on computers for about 4 years now, but I'd take an HP, Dell, IBM, etc., and stay away from Gateway. Just My opinion.
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 1:01:32 PM EDT
Read the latest issue of PC World and see who has the better customer service...
Link Posted: 12/11/2002 2:31:11 PM EDT
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