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Posted: 3/29/2009 11:21:54 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/29/2009 11:24:59 PM EDT by Buck_Naked]

^AORDAll Ordinaries3,554.20 1:47AM ETDown 61.40 (1.70%)Components, Chart, More
^SSECShanghai Composite2,358.04 3:00AM ETDown 16.40 (0.69%)Chart, More
^HSIHang Seng13,522.13 3:03AM ETDown 597.37 (4.23%)Components, Chart, More
^BSESNBSE 309,697.82 2:48AM ETDown 350.67 (3.49%)Chart, More
^JKSEJakarta Composite1,417.09 3:18AM ETDown 45.66 (3.12%)Components, Chart, More
^KLSEKLSE Composite885.43 Mar 27Down 0.04 (0.00%)Components, Chart, More
^N225Nikkei 2258,236.08 2:00AM ETDown 390.89 (4.53%)Chart, More
^NZ50NZSE 502,641.99 12:31AM ETDown 11.49 (0.43%)Components, Chart, More
^STIStraits Times1,669.20 3:18AM ETDown 76.46 (4.38%)Components, Chart, More
^KS11Seoul Composite1,197.46 2:01AM ETDown 40.05 (3.24%)Components, Chart, More
^TWIITaiwan Weighted5,206.05 1:45AM ETDown 184.65 (3.43%)Chart, More

big moves down, and expect the same for the US... but when I expect down, it usually goes up... lol

European markets headed in the same direction...

^ATXATX1,667.32 3:08AM ETDown 23.55 (1.39%)Components, Chart, More
^BFXBEL-201,713.64 3:23AM ETDown 37.92 (2.16%)Chart, More
^FCHICAC 402,746.14 3:23AM ETDown 94.48 (3.33%)Chart, More
^GDAXIDAX4,091.89 3:08AM ETDown 111.66 (2.66%)Chart, More
^AEXAEX General213.21 3:23AM ETDown 8.52 (3.84%)Chart, More
^OSEAXOSE All Share270.90 3:08AM ETDown 4.42 (1.60%)Components, Chart, More
^MIBTELMIBTel12,657.00 3:23AM ETDown 459.00 (3.50%)Components, Chart, More
^IXXISE National-100N/A0.00 (0.00%)Chart, More
^SMSIMadrid General807.42 3:20AM ETDown 24.99 (3.00%)Components, Chart, More
^OMXSPIStockholm General196.84 3:23AM ETDown 4.59 (2.28%)Chart, More
^SSMISwiss Market4,734.76 3:08AM ETDown 137.57 (2.82%)Chart, More
^FTSEFTSE 1003,826.16 3:08AM ETDown 72.69 (1.86%)Components, Chart, Mo
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