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Posted: 5/6/2003 9:20:27 AM EST
This week, on AR15.com turns! ColdCocked gets the Colt Commander pregnant. But ColdCocked had his tubes tied three years ago, and is shooting blanks! Who is the father? Or is the Commander just faking the pregnancy to get at ColdCocked's big ammo stash? Beowolf and Barrett continue their feud. Both claim they are the most powerful in Range City. Neither realize there is a new biker chick in town...Chain Gun! The SHTF on the next episode of "As AR15.com Turns"!
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 9:40:53 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 9:59:02 AM EST
Who's account will be locked next?...who will get caught bump firing at an unauthorized range?...the saga continues. EdSr. You da man.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 10:03:19 AM EST
I'm so bummed I missed all the excitement. [:(]
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 10:05:35 AM EST
Will all be forgiven? Probably not.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 10:17:27 AM EST
Stay tuned ! Same time, Same http://
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 10:23:07 AM EST
Sgtar Takes one to many HAPPY PILLS[party] and tells everyone to take there mouse and [shock][shock][shock] Stay tuned ..... [:O]
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 10:37:15 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 10:43:59 AM EST
Next week: TheBluePork photoshops man-boobs on RonD, and KrissyK goes on a hissy!
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 10:49:23 AM EST
"As bullets through the barrel, so goes the days of our lives!"
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 10:51:47 AM EST
[:P] Can't wait for the next exciting chapter.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 11:06:16 AM EST
Originally Posted By ARgon: "As bullets through the barrel, so goes the days of our lives!"
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[:o)] [:o)] [:o)]
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 11:11:03 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 11:21:00 AM EST
You think this stuff is hot? [i]wait till you find out what goes on behind the members forum[/i]
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 11:49:49 AM EST
Originally Posted By ilikelegs: [url]http://xzodus.com/funny_images/badthread40.gif[/url]
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Link Posted: 5/6/2003 12:12:00 PM EST
This segment of As AR15.com Turns has been brought to you by: Remington, maker of 700PSS. Remington, when you need to reach out and touch someone. and by Maxim, purveyor of fine BOTD JPEGs. Maxim, when you want to hit it, but there's no one around.
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