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Posted: 1/18/2002 3:56:05 PM EDT
[url]http://www.armalite.com/streamingMedia/streamingMain.htm[/url] If you've seen the one they have for the AR10 where it's one of, if not the original, demonstration videos they went and found the old M16 demonstration video. WOW! It's a great one, even shows a cutaway M16 demonstrating the function of the rifle in semi and full auto. I just hope that the influx of crazed AR15 lovers don't overflow the bandwidth of Armalite's host.
Link Posted: 1/18/2002 4:13:47 PM EDT
The AR10 video is cool too, I love the backpack mounted box to feed it linked ammo [:D] thanks for the link!
Link Posted: 1/18/2002 5:24:19 PM EDT
Very good video. About forty year old technology. Not bad! I wonder if this designer and his rifle have really gotten the credit deserved?
Link Posted: 1/18/2002 6:27:18 PM EDT
That's a must-see for all AR15 newbies. Good video. I wish I would have seen that a few years ago.
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