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Posted: 2/25/2007 8:01:50 PM EST
I want to preface with this note: this is not a movie I would normally watch. But it was free on OnDemad, and I was bored.

This review is for Parts 1 and 2. I never made it through 3 and 4.

The good:
Showed the devastation that hurricane Katrina wrought. Very powerful imagery.
Video was clean and crisp. No major artifacting.
Audio was good - lot's of dialog, and it was very clear.

The bad:
It's all Bushes fault.
The .gov blew the levees.
The Federal Government hates black people.
FEMA hates black people.
The Red Cross hates black people.
EVERYONE hates black people.
The Federal Government should have provided for everyone' s needs and wants.
Nagin makes himself out to be a savior of the city.

As for the movie itself, I have very mixed emotions. One one hand, I do believe that the response was poor. It really wasn't until the NG showed up that anything got done. EVERYONE dropped the ball - local, state, and Federal.

This movie believes that the only reason N.O. flooded was because the Fed. Gov. hates black people. They spend almost the entire two hours on that item. They spend almost 20 min on people who claim that they heard the levees blow up.

It also shows what can happen if you are not prepared for a disaster. The pictures of people WAITING to get into the SuperDome while the hurricane was bearing down on them was frightning. Standing in a line outside is NOT where I would want to be when a Catagory 4 hurricane is coming.

It also thanks the Coast Guard crews who rescued hundreds - thousands even - of people. I thought that was a nice touch.

Final review - one star. Too much political crap to wade through.

Link Posted: 2/26/2007 9:02:23 AM EST
I hope you weren't expecting anything different from Spike Lee.
Link Posted: 2/26/2007 1:00:40 PM EST
Did they show the part about the people complaining that the shelters didn't have McDonalds?

That was my favorite, must have seen several seperate people throughout the week that happened interviewed talking about how all they got was bottled water and sandwiches.

Would have been so nice to have seen those people come together and work through their own problem instead of laying down and waiting for big brother to swoop in.

If I was black I would say that the we've got a big problem as people if we can't take care of ourselves.
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