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Posted: 5/18/2005 5:29:21 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/18/2005 5:30:07 PM EDT by Mugzilla]
I started w/ roadrunner when I lived in Hawaii. I had AT&T when I lived in Ohio, until comcast bought them out. I then had comcast in Pittsburgh for about 8 months.

It started out fine, then it started to get slow. Yeah, everyone on my street started to suck up the bandwidth from 5 PM - 12 PM everyday.

I could NEVER get through to tech support.

I had to pay an extra $5/month for a second IP address. (Yeah, I could have bought a Linksys router, but I was cheap...)

I switched to Verizon DSL, and I can't believe how much faster it is.

Now, the point of my story...

When I called cc to complain their service sucked and it was SLOW, they wanted to charge me $50 to have a tech come out and put an amp on my line. They were still going tocharge me $50+ per month.

When I called them to tell them tcancel my service, they IMMEDIATELY told me I could have their internet for $30/ month. I told them no dice and kept the DSL.

DSL rocks. BUT, if you have CC, call them and tell them you want to cancel your service. They'll drop their price in a NY minute.
Link Posted: 5/19/2005 4:00:25 AM EDT
I have been using Comcast for 5-years now and I have yet to experience any problems w/ them or w/ their Customer Service. My internet is blazing fast and the connectivity is consistent. Hurricane Charley did knock us out for 2-months but other than that, we're doing fine.

I'd recommend Comcast Cable Internet to anyone over DSL. Just my opinion.
Link Posted: 5/19/2005 4:14:33 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/20/2005 11:25:14 AM EDT
what DSL do you have that lets you download at 500k / sec? I've had several DSL lines and comcast is better than all of them. I never really have outages either.

You must have been in an area with poor infrastructure.
Link Posted: 5/20/2005 1:00:46 PM EDT
Comcast is big. Plus a good share of it was aquired from other places such as @home, MediaOne, etc. Comcast in Pennsylvania is probably a much different experience than Comcast in Texas. If the cable ISP in the region handles their loads ok, then cable's going to be much faster than comparatively priced DSL. 2, 3, and 4mb while cable is going at 256-768. Some higher-end DSL connections are quite fast though.

With a lot of the VPN type connections I've worked with, cable is much more resilient at keeping the connection.
Link Posted: 5/21/2005 4:53:59 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Robbie:
With a lot of the VPN type connections I've worked with, cable is much more resilient at keeping the connection.

I'm hearing that statement!!!
Link Posted: 5/21/2005 12:29:18 PM EDT
i had dsl for about a year and was capped at 70k download, i have had comcast for about 9 months have had much better/consistent speeds...

i downloaded half life 2 (from steam their LEGAL online distrobution method) at 5.3 megs a second, i think ill keep comcast.

Link Posted: 5/22/2005 2:33:05 PM EDT
Yeah comcast here also. No way in hell DSL is faster and I do not care where you live. 1 comcast does not charge to install a amp in your home or on your line. 2. You should have never paid for their extra I.P it is a waste of money, Don't be cheap buy a router.

Also don't bother calling to say you are going to cancel because the price drop is only temporary believe me I know.

Customer service does leave alot to be desired but the products are great. People just hate them because they are a huge company.

Most people do not need anything faster then DSL but in no way is DSL faster.
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