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Posted: 8/2/2009 10:35:35 AM EST
Short story, I had to put down our 1 year old boxer about 3 months ago becouse of massive congenital heart failure.

I still have a 2 year old american mastiff, who is an absolute perfect dog. Problem is, he seems to be lonely and my daughters

still miss the boxer pretty bad. Well last night I was at some reletives house and there neighbor has a 16 month old

american bulldog that they are willing to give away becouse they are moving out of town in a few weeks. If they cant find a home

for him they said they will have to take him to the pound. From the 5-10 mins I spent with the dog he seemed very well behaved.

My worries are, do they chew, how would he be with another male dog, good with kids... you know the usual stuff.

My mastiff now has been socialized from an early age, so I have zero worries about him getting along, just this other dog

who has been socialized a little, from what i've been told. Do you guys think it would be worth taking the risk and bring

in another dog into the fold.
Link Posted: 8/2/2009 4:49:33 PM EST
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Link Posted: 8/3/2009 9:53:43 PM EST
I have 3 dogs. One yorkie, one dachshund, and one french mastiff. I love them all and couldn't imagine getting rid of any of them. But it is a pain at times. Travelling to see family with 3 dogs sucks *they are all inside dogs). They make a huge mess with the shedding, destroying every single toy we buy them and just ransacking the house. Great fun for me but stresses the wife out at times.

I play with my dogs so much I feel just one will be perfect for my household from now on and our dogs are rarely without us. They do play with eachother, but mostly just all 3 crave our attention.

If you have the time to play with them alot then you might be better off with just one. If your American Mastiff is lonely then maybe you would be better off with 2 dogs.

Ever think of a French Mastiff/Dogue de Bordeaux? Love my girl, Harley. She's about 80lbs.



All Growed Up
Link Posted: 8/3/2009 10:00:09 PM EST
Forget what I just said. Its way too late and I didn't read all of your post. If the dog is well behaved then you might stand a good chance of them getting along well. Bolldogs, like mastiffs can be pretty dang stubborn. My DDB is like a mule sometimes. It is 16 months old so it may be a little hairy between the 2 dogs at first until they figure eachother out. But your mastiff is still a pup too, so they may hit it off right out of the gate.

Worst comes to worst, they don't get along and you'll have to find a new home for the bulldog or send it to a shelter. The dog is no worse off than if you hadn't tried in the first place, but your kids might suffer a little heartbreak.

A younger pup might be better, but I'm a sucker for dogs so I say go for it. Plus, FREE DOG.
Page General » Pets
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