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Posted: 9/3/2015 12:47:50 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/3/2015 12:50:49 PM EDT by Use_the_2nd]
Copied and pasted from another forum.


"I was contemplating the UltraGauge and thought "surely someone on TacomaWorld has bought and installed one of these, let's see what they thought" and did a search. Holy cow! There have been several successful group buys over the years, with the last one ending Sep 2014 with something like 60 sold. In that GB the price went from $69.95 to $50.95 when they reached 50 committed buyers. I don't know if that pricing is current but I thought I would throw it out there to see if there was any interest?


Past GB:

Edit 9/1/15 - so it seems like there is some interest in this. I've never done one of these GB before so bear (bare?) with me. Above is a link to the UltraGauge GB from last year that may have some useful info for you.

More info - The discounts are listed below. More details from the last GB listed in the link above. All models are discounted. So we would start a list here of those who want to buy, when we get to >50 (taking whatever time we need/set) we will let UG know and they will give us a code. Those on the list have 1 week to pay. When 50 people have paid (must be done in 7 days) the product ships.

The group buy prices are:
UG v1.2: $50.95
UG Plus: $54.95
UG MX: $64.95

UltraGauge EM v1.2 - check the website for features, they are numerous.

UltraGauge EM Plus -
The UltraGauge EM Plus is identical to the UltraGauge EM v1.2 except for the following additions:
Readiness Monitors (basically emissions)
Performance Measurements (0-x acceleration times, braking from x to x times)
Additional Wide O2 Sensor support to track Stoichiometric AFR via Lambda
In addition, when a trouble code alarm occurs, the first trouble code found is displayed during the alarm event. Previously, the menu system had to be used to view the trouble code.

UltraGauge MX v1.3 -
The UltraGauge MX 1.3 is only recommended for advanced users that are very comfortable with technology and are familiar with the concept of OBDII codes. For all others, we highly recommend the UltraGauge EM Plus. The UltraGauge MX 1.3 is identical to the UltraGauge EM v1.2 except that the MX 1.3 has the ability to POTENTIALLY access manufacturer specific gauges. The best source of gauge codes is on an automotive forum specific to your vehicle.

Discounts including mounts:
I've added the names of those who said they wanted in but left off those who did not specifically say they were in. If you want in say so and I'll add your name.

1) @916carl
2) @tomwil
3) @jgantzler
4) @cmartinez95
5) @dmb1650
6) @VolcomTacoma
7) @alvinfromhawaii
8) @bconrey
9) @Manpants
10) @ramonortiz55
11) @Wack
12) @GeoTaco
13) @Bama Tacoma
14) @sladesdaddy1022
15) @HeavyThumbs
16) @jbvan
17) @Derbycity
18) @pmbazus
19) @BeerMan909
20) @TashcomerTexas
21) @Conumdrum
22) @saturn391
23) @ThirdCoast
24) @quetzal
25) @530Taco
26) @Usethe2nd
27) @audmeister
28) @Rusty15Tacoma
29) @SlowlyButSurely
30) @JD_P
31) @JD_P (wants 2 switches. Woo hoo! 19 more to go! Anyone else want 2!?)
32) @doorsidedown
33) @XeddeX
34) @opg4
35) @NMW 4x4
36) @MJH
37) @CurtB
38) @DriverSound
39) @inv3ctiv3
40) @chaeki
41) @HK33
42) @willij60
43) @evilcorvette
44) @Kyitty
45) @bbdmac

4Runner Forum

1) @toyopnoy
I'd like to get at least 55 to account for anyone who doesn't buy within the 7 day window.
Link Posted: 9/3/2015 12:52:04 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/3/2015 12:52:47 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By bjohnson425:
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Get your order in quickly
Link Posted: 9/3/2015 1:10:59 PM EDT
"mongoloids" eh?

Link Posted: 9/3/2015 1:23:41 PM EDT
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